What's New in Room 17

Happy Spring!

Art Class!

We are doing amazing things with Mrs. George! These tiles are just gorgeous!

You truly have some talented artists here...when I pick them up, I get to see their work drying outside of the class room and I am always so very impressed!

Towson Interns

We have new interns for spring! We have been studying geology and features of the earth, including canyons and volcanoes!
IMG 0086

Reading/ELA: Inventions...then, Roald Dahl

We have completed our unit on inventors! We read tons of informative stories from Elijah Wood to the Wright Brothers, to Ben Franklin! We studied the invention of flight, from planes to hot air balloons, and read about how inventors are often inspired by nature ( and sometimes science fiction, as Mr. Allison , a HUGE Star Trek fan, likes to remind me!).

We will be beginning an authors study of Roald Dahl next week! With that comes an in-depth look at this very interesting children's author! We will read James and the Giant Peach as well as several other of his classic books!

Class Trip!

Mark your calendars: Our Trip To Baltimore is June 2

We will take a behind the scenes tour of Camden Yards, walk Federal Hill, see Little Italy, and tour Ft McHenry! This is the highpoint of the year for many students! It is truly a wonderful day!

Earth Day Celebration!

Jackson's mom was at the heart of organizing many of the third graders to present poetry during the earth day celebration! They spoke clearly and with expression in front of the entire school! If they were nervous, the audience couldn't tell at all. They did an amazing job! ( I bet speaking on a microphone in class will have them ready for Broadway in no time! ;-) )

See the video links of the entire school singing " And the Green Grass Grew..."

IMG 0321

A Visit from Poe! ( never a dull moment at JES!)

Spring Party!

Thanks so much to all of our volunteers for making the fun happen!

Here are some photos I took of the party...plus a few more to give you a glimpse of our days!