Thank you will never be enough...

Dear 1D Families~

Wow! What a great past 2 weeks this has been!

It has been busy, to say the least. With this note, I want to only THANK YOU for the many gifts you have showered me with to celebrate my birthday, my retirement and the end of school year. To say I was overwhelmed on my "party day" doesn't even come close...I was so moved by the beautiful scrapbook and each child's unique work inside! Thank you for helping your child take the time to be so thoughtful in writing and drawing on their page. I will always treasure that for certain. The charm for my bracelet is perfect and I am taking great pride in showing others the special charm my 1D friends gave me. I am enjoying wearing the bracelet often and know it will be a perfect reminder of this very special 1D class. The incredible presentation of the Texas flag that was flown at the State capitol was an absolutely amazing gift, as well!

I said it before, but truly mean it...I can think of no better way to end my journey in education, than with this kind, thoughtful, caring and loving group of kiddos and their families (YOU!) I will hold tight to our memories made this year and I'll be back next year on a couple of Mondays to visit during a 2nd grade lunch. Please stay in touch! Allow your child to email me...I'd love to be a pen pal via email! My home email is:

Thank you for all you do for your children. They are all amazing children with bright futures ahead of them. You have laid and continue to lay the most important foundation for them. Keep encouraging them, nurturing them and loving them, as only parents do. Allow them to learn from mistakes and just be there for them as they learn going thru them. I have a joyful heart because you all have been a precious part of my life!

With much love and gratitude~

Kim Spence