Central College Teaching Schedule

Economics Teaching Schedule Confirmation - Fall 2014


I received your teaching requests last week and below is the schedule that I have developed. As you know it is difficult to meet everyone's needs. If you approve of the schedule please indicate by replying in the comment box below. If there is a course that you cannot teach let me know that as well. Incidentally, there are still two classes that are unstaffed. Those are the ones with no instructor next to them. If anyone is interested in teaching them let me know before I send out an email to a wider audience of instructors. Remember, if you are already teaching three classes you are not eligible to teach additional sections. Also, I will be giving preference to those who are already assigned the fewest number of sections. Please try to get back with me by next Monday, July 7th before 5:00 p.m. My goal every semester is to give instructors the maximum number of classes that they wish to teach which is also in keeping with our faculty workload limits.

Best Regards,

Richard Gosselin

Economics Professor

Central College

(713) - 718-7638 (Office)

(832) - 257-2592 (Cell)

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