Revolutionary Era

Alec Mack 5th period

summary of the road to revolution

The road to revolution is events that lead up to the revolution war. All the events that occurred in the road to revolution was between the British and the 13 colonies. The road to revolution included the proclamation of 1763, Sugar act, Quartering act, Stamp act, townshend acts, the Boston massacre, Tea act, the Boston tea party, and intolerable acts. These acts were laws for the colonists and for the British. Many of the acts made the colonists mad causeing them to protest in different variations.
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Lexington & Concord, 1775

1. the battle of Lexington ended in minutes leaving 8 minutemen dead and 10 injured & one British wounded
2. 70 British armed minutemen waited at Lexington for the first shot
3. The Minutemen were waiting for the British and as they retreated they were killed.
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Common Sense January 10, 1776

1. Thomas Paine spread throughout the colonies and sold 500,000 copies of common sense

2. The pamphlet stated that the citizens should make laws not the Kings or queens.
3. In January 1776, the Common Semse pamphlet was distributed in Philadelphia also, this pamphlet was published anonymously.
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Declaration Of Independence, 1776

1. The Declaration Of Idnpendence was written by Thomas Jefferson.
2. This documents purpose was to declare the reasons for independence.
3. John Handcock was the first to sign it and this document was addressed to King George the third.
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Battle Of Saratoga,1777

1. The British generals viewed the Americans as rebels & ignorant farmers.
2. On October 17, Horatio Gates forced Burgoyne's entire army to surrender while traveling to Saratoga New York.
3. This battle was the turning point in the American Revolution.
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Winter @ Valley Forge, 1777-1778

1. This was meant to test the strength of the Patriot troops.
2. While at Valley Forge Washington trained and diciplined troops.
3. Washington and his men faced feeding all 12,000 troops, and diseases while at Valley Forge.
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Battle Of Yorktown, 1781

1. This was the last major battle of the American Revolution.
2. Occasional fighting took place after Cornwallis troops were forced to surrender after fighting for many years.
3. The British government decided to give up the fight after England heard about the battle of Yorktown.
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Treaty Of Paris, 1783

1. This document formally ended the American revolution war.
2. There were three parts to this document.
3. This document gave the colonies independence from British, new boundaries, and the freedom from British troops.
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