Parent Peek at the Week

Week of May 18th, 2020

This just about sums it up.....

Here comes the long weekend, which means it's couch potato weekend (at least after the deck is washed and a little gardening!). Hope you can all relax a little this weekend too.

Early next week we anticipate learning whether we'll reopen or if the school building will stay closed for the remainder of the year. One way or the other, we'll begin to be able to answer some of your pressing questions (Can we pick up my child's belongings? What will report cards look like? How are we honouring and celebrating our Grade 6's? What will the rest of the year look like?). Thank you for your continued support and encouragement as we continue to navigate these strange times together. For those who find distance learning too much of a challenge or stressor right now - we understand. Please know we're here for you and if we can help you in any way, please get in touch.

As we head into this long weekend, please take time for yourself to relax and rejuvenate. We may not know what next week will bring - but that's okay! Rest up :) We'll continue to get through this together.

Mrs. Sampson

A few photos from our last week of distance learning....

Can we help?

Thanks to the kindness of Food for Kids, Kawartha Food Share, Peterborough Youth Services and The Bridge Youth Centre, we have been given 20 family spots to be part of the “Feeding Youth and Families Together” food box initiative. If you could benefit from the weekly support of a large box of food (you’ll be assigned a Tuesday or Thursday pick up/drop off) please email me at All requests are kept strictly confidential. We know that times are challenging right now - if this offer can help your family, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

We also have a small number of grocery store gift certificates to hand out - let us know if one might benefit you and your family!

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A few other bits of information......

Story time with Mrs. Sampson

A reminder that you can continue to join Mrs. Sampson for Story time Live each Wednesday at 3pm. We've had a great response for this - thank you for tuning in! This week, the book will be Duck on a Bike....fitting for Pedal for Hope. A reminder that the links to past readings, as well as the reading for the week, can be found in each primary homeroom folder - pinned on the left hand side.

Transition to Crestwood Intermediate School

Below please find the minutes from our latest transition meeting for the Grade 6's leaving for Crestwood Intermediate. These minutes and all kinds of additional information about the transition can be found on the board website too. Here is a little message from our Parent Representative, Andrea Grant:

Just a quick note from your Transition Committee Parent Rep. We had a meeting last week with everyone involved and decided it would be a good idea to have a focus group meeting with just the parent representatives. This meeting will take place on Friday, May 22. I would like to hear from you! Do you have any questions, concerns, comments that you would like answers to?

Please email me, Andrea Grant

Kawartha Heights Family Dashboard

If you are looking for some alternate activities to do with your family, the Kawartha Heights Family Dashboard is for you! You can find the link below, but you can also access it any time in the top left corner of your child's classroom homepage on Edsby.

Pedal for Hope

Our adventures continue! We are now heading into week 3 of 5 of this great campaign. Here are a few updates:

- Some families have asked for the link to use if you want to donate to our team. We can be found at If you're able to support the team by donating even $5 or $10, it would be greatly appreciated. Please help us to move our cougar closer to Vancouver!

- There are 3 special things happening this week. Here's the information:

1. Students are encouraged to create a short 30 second promotional video for Pedal for Hope. A new one will be selected to be shown on the announcements next Friday, and the creator of the video shown will receive a $10 gift certificate for either Chapters or Best Buy. Congratulations to Breanna whose video we selected last week. You can check out her great work at

2. We're looking for ideas of something crazy that Mrs. Sampson can do from home IF we make our fundraising goal. Ask your kids too! All ideas should be sent to Mrs. Charmley by Friday. ( The committee will then select the crazy task.

3. Smiles for Support: This week we are encouraging Kawartha Heights families to find a way to decorate their house, by posting Smiles of Support...for those fighting cancer, and for those fighting Covid-19 (and we will too!). You can use chalk on the driveway/sidewalk, decorate your window or door, paint some rocks or hang a wreath or smiles from a tree. Then please take a picture and share your smiles of support with everyone!

Remember - our top fundraiser will be treated to a special staff "Drive by Parade" on Friday, June 5th. I wonder where we will end up!

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Someday Soon Jar

We know it can be hard to stay positive right now, and that your children have lots of questions. When can we go back to school? When can we see our friends? A big thank you to Mrs. Rutherford who shared this lovely family activity called the "Someday Soon Jar". It's like a bucket list jar that helps kids to think about their post Covid-19 adventures, and also provides a positive way to stay hopeful. Check out this link for more information:
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Just one more thing....

It never hurts to have a reminder of the importance of "assuming good intentions". In our brave new world that is email and text heavy, sometimes we can read into a message that isn't there. We're all trying our best and doing our best. Let this short video and Granny's lesson, be a reminder to us all!