"The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow"

The diary of Sarah Nita

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Author:Ann Turner

Flyer Made by:Taylor Renae Widner


This book is man vs. self. The antagonist is Sarah and her sister Kaibah. WHY!Because they're trying to get their parents back!The protagonist is the blue soldiers.WHY!Because the soldiers captured Sarah and her little sister Kaibahs parents.

Story Plot

Exposition:The story "The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow" takes place in New Mexico 1864 when .The main characters are Sarah,Kaibah (Sarahs sister),and Silver Coat the dog.

Rising Action:Sarah and her her sister Kaibah are looking for there parents who have been captured by the blue soldiers

Climax:Sarah and her sister find there parents at the soldiers base captured.

Falling Action:Sarah has to help her parents escape back to their new village(there old village was destroyed by the blue soldiers)which they do by climbing over fences with rope,and being very quiet.

Resolution: They get back to their new village and there back to their "normal" life.


The theme of the story The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow is when a girl named Sarah and and her younger sister over come obsticles on the way trying to save there parents