A hero under the inspirational face

The inspiring hero, Peter Parker (aka spider man/spidey)

Born/appeared on august, 1962


Birth Place- New York City

Obstacles- Having a job of a photographer, was harder than it looked due to the fact that his boss was a man who grieved for money and wanted the best images of spider man on his daily articles. He had to work through being bullied and teased at school, as well as having to go to college while he had financial issues.

Issues- His uncle, Ben died when Peter was just a young boy, which left him and his aunt alone to live on their lives. After the aftermath, Peter and his aunt May, had dealt with many money issues giving Peter no option but to get a job. Peter suffered from bullying at his school for a nerd he was.

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The good of his Amazing powers...

The result of Peter being bit by a Black Widow, wasn't as bad as it seems. The radioactive bite actually gave abilities of a spider, and this made him into one successful super hero. His big accomplishments all come from him saving the world from of evil. This impacted the world, seeing spidey a savior. The abilities spidey has in him are, spider web shooting, strength, fast healing, spider sensing (detects danger), and wall climbing. Spider Man shared one of the greatest quotes to all of us which was- "With great power, comes with great responsibility."- Spider Man, 2000
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