Welcome To East Middle School



Welcome to East Middle School!! Our school has two stories. We have the best teachers in Joplin.

Things To Know About Our School

  • Our school has block scheduling. Block scheduling is when all your classes are in a block.
  • 1A 8:30
  • 1B 8:30
  • 2A 10:00
  • 2B 10:00
  • 3A 11:26
  • 3B 11:26
  • ENCORE- 40min class to read. 1:30
  • 4A 2:10
  • 4B 2:10

Princeable and Resorce officer.

Our school was hit by the Joplin tornado and it is now new. At the bottom is the tornado footage.

Houses, Grades, Clubs.

We have 6 houses. orange, green, purple, yellow, teal, and blue.

Each grade has a house. Green 8th grade, Orange 6th Grade (up stairs), Teal 7th grade.

We also have many clubs.

House- Place where your grades main classes are.

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Joplin East Middle School
Joplin Tornado: East Middle School Surveillance Footage