By: Gabrielle Zevin

What is the main conflict in your book? Explain

The main conflict of this book is how Elizabeth(the main character in the book) dies from a taxi cab that ran her over and left her in the middle of the street. She tries to figure out why the taxi did not bother to grab her from the road and take her to the hospital. Lizzie is trying to deal with the fact that she is a dead teenage girl who is dead in this place called "Elsewhere."

Which character in your book can you most closely relate to?

The character I can most likely relate to is Lizzies grandma, Betty. I can relate because she was almost guiding Lizzie through her years of Elsewhere. Betty would tell her about Elsewhere and what it is like and extra information she will need to know. I can relate because I love helping others out if they need help and any extra information they need about a certain thing.

If you could ask the author of your book 5 questions what would they be?

1. What inspired you to make this book?

2. Why did it inspire you?

3. How many books have you wrote?

4. Would you ever make this book into a movie?

5. Why did you not make it into a series?

Choose a powerful and significant quote from your book and draw a picture representation?

“It’s difficult to ever go back to the same places or people. You turn away, even for a moment, and when you turn back around, everything’s changed.”
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Would you recommend this book to a friend? why or why not?

Yes, because this book was really good. It was full of emotions. I like the main idea of the book, I like the plot of the story, and I like how it has its own spin on the after-life.
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