Team Fisher - Thirty-One

January Newsletter

January's Highlights!

I want to welcome Stacey Nevar to the Team! Good Luck!

17 team members earned their Inside Out Bag for FREE! WOW!

Important Info

February 4th - 31st: Registration For National Conference...any ?'s feel free to send me an email!

February 16th - April 1st: OJ Incentive - Great way to build your teams!

February 16th - 25th Rec & Roll Consultant Only Sale...details coming soon!!!

February 16th - 23rd: Attenda preregistered C&C meeting

February 28th: End of Month

Additional info can be found on Be sure to check often and regularly!

Jodi Fisher - Independent Director

Total Sales = $ 3603.50

Total Parties = 5

Total Recruits = 0

Total Earned if I were a Consultant: $900.88

Because I choose leadership I earned: $1330.97

I realize that the numbers don't show up great, I am just trying a new format...I still need to work out the bugs!