This is

where you recycle any phones computers tvs anything that is electronic. Instead of you just throwing it out in the trash you would go recycle it which is e-recycling


so that we can make/save money and so that the medal for the phones and stuff wont get into our water and make us sick. If we didnt recycle our electronics then the world would be getting sick from all the toxic meatls and harmful things in the electronics. This is how E- recycling impacts the world.


1) 20 to 50 million metric tons of e waste are disposed worldwide every year.

2) E waste represents 2% of americans trash in landfills but it equals 70% of overall toxic watse.

3) cell phones and other electronic things contain high amounts of precious metals like gold and sliver. Americans dump phones contaning over $60 million in gold or silver every year.

This can relate to scarcity because now we have more parts to make new things from us recycling and this can help go around scarcity some how