Melting Glaciers and Permafrost

Melting permafrost and glaciers harming economy and animals

Harmful waters from melting glaciers

Melting glaciers are not only harming our wildlife but also our economy here are some ways they affect both wildlife and economy:

1) Polar bears hunt on the glaciers and if they keep melting the polar bears will have nowhere to sleep or hunt so they could die of starvation, sleep deprivation, or drowning, which could cause their extinction.

2) Seals give birth on land and since the ice is melting they will have nowhere to give birth so they too could become extinct.

3) Glaciers are melting in Greenland and Antarctica. It will melt into the oceans and that will cause the sea levels to rise.

4) If the sea level rises too much it could cause flooding in places floods had never happened before.

5) Antarctica was -89.6°C, -129.28°F at Vostok station in 1983. In 2016 the temp is -60°F, -51.1111°C.

6) The melting could affect the water supply of millions of people in the world.

The cost of thawing permafrost

1) Permafrost is a thick layer of soil that stays frozen In polar regions.

2) Places That permafrost can be found :

  • Siberia

  • Northern Canada

  • Greenland

  • Alaska

3) If the permafrost thaws fully then the ground can sink or land changes could happen that never happened before.

4) If the land sinks it could kill many animals that live in places filled with permafrost like the grey wolf.

5) It could sink the homes of people living there and some may die if the ground sinks.

6) If the ground sinks people may not be able to live there anymore which means they will have to move to other places and that will cause the need for more home which leads to more deforestation and that means we will have even less air and more carbon dioxide and is that happenes there will be even more heat in the atmosphere.