teen stress

Ethan statler

stupid stuff that teens shouldn't do when stressed

Some teens abuse drugs to relive stress. Some teens even cut to relieve stress witch is really stupid. they do a lot of stupid things.

what to do instead of cutting

Cutting when you are stressed is really stupid don't do it and if you do it stop. Instead of cutting go hang out with some friends. cutting will only bring you further down in the world friends will actually try to cheer you up when your down.

things to do instead of abusing drugs

Abusing drugs to relieve stress is dumb the only thing that will get you is put in jail. instead of abusing drugs go take a walk or something like that. take stress out by walking not abusing drugs.

things to do instead of abusing alcohol

Abusing alcohol leads no where but being stuck on the streets most of the time. Instead of abusing alcohol listen to music. Because music can calm the soul.

things to do instead of suicide

Teens who commit suicide are usually the one who are being bullied. Instead of commiting suicide witch is completely dumb go out and try to make new friends because suicide hurts a lot more people than you think.