Was it Just?

Was Hamurabi's code just, or selfish laws put in cuneiform?

Selfish Lies

In the epolouge of Hammurabi's code he says that "the strong might not injure the weak" meaning that all will be fair and that even if you are poor or "not impotant" you still have the same rights as "important people" and get the same punishments, but that is a lie and I can prove it! Listen to this "if a man has knocked out in the eye of a free man, his eyes shall be knoked out" while as law 199 says "if he has knoked out the eye of a slave... he shall pay half of his value" meaning that a slave will have to pay twice the punishment of a free man. Therfor hammurabi's code lies and is not just because if it was just then the free man and the slave would pay the same price or in other words they would have the same conciquence.

Just or Not?

Fair laws

Dear reader you may be wondering if Hammuarbi's code is or is not just over all, and not just one law, well the answer is... you tell me! While there is many (in my opinion) not just laws but there has to be laws that are OK right? Well yeah this up coming law is OK to both partys I think "if a man has opened a treanch for irriagation and the waters have flooded his neighbor's feild, the man must restore the crop he has caused to be lost." meaning he has to provide for the crops he damaged and has no phisical torture.