Together in Learning and Faith

February 3 - Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School

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Reading The Territory and Land Acknowledgement during our school assemblies and meetings is an essential step toward reconciliation.

Celebrating World Read Aloud Day

Across the world children of all ages celebrated the joy of storytelling last Friday for World Read Aloud Day on February 1st! Huge thanks to our very own Mr. Alex Labarda for writing and illustrating his very own tale to share (with the aid of his Grade 4 readers) with our OLA family. Well done - we loved it!

Student Progress Reports

Your child's progress report will be available to view on your PowerSchool ParentPortal on Feb. 6th at 3:30 pm. Please contact the school if you require assistance viewing your child's report.

We are looking forward to sharing your child's growth and progress with you!

Evidence of Learning Portfolios will be going home again in March and we will be holding another session of 3-Way Conferences on March 13th & 14th. Should you wish to discuss your child’s progress before then, you may call the office to arrange an appointment with their teacher, or send them an email. Email addresses for all teaching staff are available here.

Monday Faith Assembly

Celebrating National Have Fun at Work Day!
Thanks to some very creative Grade 4 boys, Mme Gravelle returned to her office to find a surprise waiting for her on National Have Fun at Work Day!
And they thought it would be Mission Impossible.....

Alberta Education & EICS Surveys

There will be two surveys coming your way, and your voice matters to help guide OLA's future.

The first comes from Alberta Education and is called the Alberta Education Accountability Pillar Survey. Thank you for completing this survey when it comes to you. For more information about this survey, please click here.

A second survey directly from Elk Island Catholic Schools called The Assurance Survey gathers information to ensure OLA's progress is in alignment with our collaboratively created Assurance Plans, celebrates elements that are in alignment, and helps us as an OLA community to realign where needed, and thus guiding OLA's future direction.

When these surveys arrive in the mail or in your email inbox, thank you in advance for completing them. Your voice matters to help guide OLA's future!

School Fees

Thank you to the families who have paid their child's annual field trip and presentation fees. All school fees are now due. Reminder invoices will be going home shortly. It is strongly encouraged that school fees be paid earlier than later as these funds allow for your child's enhanced programming at OLA.
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Dear Parents,

Catholic schools in Alberta are strong and growing and we are seeking your help to keep it that way. We represent approximately 25% of publically funded schools in Alberta educating over 180,000 children across the province. We are a community of faith that work together to foster a love for Christ and to ensure our children get to know and understand God’s love for them.

Alberta is currently seeing the emergence of a vocal public school lobby advocating for one publically funded school system. That would eliminate the choice that parents have to send their children to Catholic schools.

How can your show your support? Sign our electronic petition today!

Click on the following link PACE Petition Supporting Catholic Education

Please help to protect our right and choice for a publically funded Catholic school system. We currently have over 3200 signatures on our petition and our goal is to reach 10,000 before the anticipated provincial election. We invite you to share this link with your friends and family to help us spread the word. PACE (Parents Advocating for Catholic Education) will present the petition to our MLA at the end of February. It takes less than 5 minutes to have a voice and show your support. Let’s stand together and show our solidarity for the excellent faith-based programming that we currently offer and value.

On behalf of PACE, thank you for your support.

Mariette Moss

Associate Superintendent

Christ the Redeemer Catholics Schools

Okotoks, AB

Direct: 403-995-4841

Fun in 4V!

Celebrating Read In and cross-curricular art and science with light and shadow sculptures.

News from our school's Family Wellness Worker

Mrs. Eleanor Heesing would like to share these upcoming workshops with you. For more information please visit our Family Wellness page found under the Parent tab of our school website.
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Into the Deep Freeze

There are significant physical, emotional and social benefits to outdoor play in the winter as such, it is OLA's practice to have children outside to -25 degrees Celsius or -25 WindChill, which ever is achieved first.

With us heading into a week of cold weather, children get "cabin fever" and need some outside time for their optimum learning. We will advise parents as to when children will be going outside for a very short amount of time (maximum 10 minutes), so please ensure your child is dressed properly every day as we will be monitoring the weather closely.

Please ensure your child comes to school wearing the following: snow pants, warm jacket, warm boots, toque, mitts and scarf/tube. Even on not-so-cold days, having the proper winter gear ensures children enjoy their free time in the fresh air.

For more information about WindChills and how to battle the cold weather...WindChill Fact Sheet from Environment Canada.

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OLA School Council News

Hot Lunch Change

Due to unforeseen circumstances this Wednesday's sub sandwich lunch (for those who pre-ordered) will now be provided by Subway. Please contact your OLA School Council at with any questions. We appreciate your understanding.

Fort Saskatchewan Catholic Schools Parent Society Playground Meeting

We will be sharing a great deal of new information.

If you would like to see an additional playground at OLA, and help with playgrounds at our fellow EICS Fort Saskatchewan Catholic Schools, we need your help.

Please join us tomorrow evening, Monday, February 4th at 7:00 pm at OLA School. We will be discussing the fundraising situation and looking for ideas and volunteers.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The Playground Society

Save Your Bottles!

Fort Saskatchewan Catholic School Playground Society will collecting bottles to start the fundraising for each school's play space. The bottle drive is scheduled for Saturday February 9, 2019 from 12:00 - 2:00 pm. Please save your bottles!

Drop-off Location: St. André Bessette Catholic School

8300 Southfort Drive Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta T8L OW4

Alberta School Council Association Workshop

Parents, we have been invited by the SJ23 school council, to join them for a 90 min workshop. The workshop is put on by the Alberta School Council Association as a refresher for the purpose of a school council. If you wish to attend please let us know so we have an idea of numbers. You may email: or text/call Sam at 780-722-4442 with any questions or to RSVP as attending.

OLA School Council


A huge thank you to Mitzi Jeddry for taking on the title of Read-a-thon coordinator!

We are looking for some people to volunteer to help her with this fundraiser. If you are interested in helping please email

OLA Parish News

First Eucharist Celebration

Thank you to our dedicated OLA Sacrament Preparation Team for sharing their gifts and talents. The classes for First Eucharist have been completed and our First Communicants will receive Holy Communion for the first time on Sunday, February 24th, 2019 at 2:00 pm at Our Lady of the Angels Church.
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Tech Time: Google Tools for Your Child

How to use Google tools to support your EICS student

Did you know your child, as an EICS student, has access to G Suite for Education? These tools allow students to access, share, and create knowledge that supports their learning. On February 28th from 7:00 - 8:30 pm at our new EICS Central Learning Services please come to learn what Google for Education tools your child has access to and explore how to use those tools to support them at home. This session is for all learners, whether you are a beginner or have experience with technology.

There are limited spaces so please register here or go to

Please bring your child's EICS login information (if you don't know how to access this please ask your child or your child's teacher). If the login information is not available we will have alternative logins so everyone can participate.

Central Learning Services

310 Broadview Road

Sherwood Park, AB

T8H 1A4

If you have any questions, please contact your school administrator or Heather van Streun.

Heather van Streun

Elk Island Catholic Schools Learning Services Consultant


Work: 780-449-7489 Cell: 780-863-5335

Looking Ahead . . .

Monday, February 4

  • Buses cancelled today. Supervision begins at 8:30AM. Stay tuned for pick up details.
  • Monday Faith Assembly 9:00 am in the gym - everyone welcome!
  • Road Safety Presentation by the RCMP at the Faith Assembly
  • Grades 1-4 select their Power Options today for Wednesday's Round 1: Day 2
  • Grade 4 Lights & Shadows Presentation
  • EICS Trustee Jean Boisvert reads with 2CL in celebration of Read In Month
  • Fort Saskatchewan Catholic Schools Playground Meeting 7:00 pm at OLA School

Tuesday, February 5

  • Parish Priests visit
  • Grade 3 Hearing and Sound T-Pet Science Presentation

Wednesday, February 6

  • Welcome Pre-Kindergartens to class
  • School Spirit Day! Dress as a Character from a Favourite Story for Read In Month!
  • SUBWAY Hot Lunch
  • Grade 1 - 4 Power Options 1-2pm (Round 1: Day 2)
  • Early Dismissal at 2:19 pm
  • Student Progress Reports available for viewing on your PowerSchool ParentPortal

Thursday, February 7

  • NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS - Teachers' Convention

Friday, February 8

  • NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS - Teachers' Convention

And a Little Further Ahead . . .

February 11: Faith Assembly at 9:00 am - All are welcome!

February 12: Parish Visit

February 13: Therese DeChamplain-Good, Assistant Superintendent reads to 2Oi at 9:30am

February 13: Paul Corrigan, Assistant Superintendent reads to 1LS at 10:00am

February 13: Fort Sask EICS School Admin, Chaplains and Parish Meeting 11:30am

February 14: Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14: Pre-K Valentine's Day/Family Day Party!

February 14: Grade 3 Rec Swim

February 15: Happy Birthday to Canada's Flag!

February 15: Professional Learning Day for staff - No School for students

February 18: Family Day - No School

February 19: Faith Assembly 9:00am - All are welcome!

February 19: Parish Visit 9-10am

February 19: EICS Trustee Justine Wright to read to 3K 1-1:30pm

February 21: Grade 3K Peruvian Masks

February 21: 100th day of School

February 22: Grade 2 T-Pet Presentation Buoyancy & Boats (2Oi AM/2CL PM)

February 24: First Eucharist Celebration Mass 2:00 pm

February 25: OLA Open House - all day . . . please help spread the word!

February 28: Google for Education Parent Workshop 7:00 - 8:30 pm at CLS (please see details above)

April 10 Early Learning Parent Information Evening 7:00 - 8:30 pm

For more upcoming dates, please visit our website calendar.

You can view our Kindergarten Calendar here and our Pre-K Calendar here.

"The secret to navigating life well is to invite Jesus on board. The helm of life should be given to Him, so that He can direct the route."

Pope Francis


January 30, 2019

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