Argo Tractors from Italy

Argo from Italy with the brands Landini, McCormick.

Argo is the parent company of the McCormick, Landini and Valpadana brands.
The company, based in Fabbrico, Italy, belongs to the Morra family.
At present, 1,800 employees produce around 22,000 tractors per year.
A new sales location is currently being built near Ansbach in Germany.
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While the name Argo is less known, at least in Germany, the Landini and McCormick brands are well known to many farmers. No wonder, after all, McCormick was already part of the globally active Case IH group.But after the merger with New Holland to form CNH in 1999, McCormick had to be sold for antitrust reasons. The Italian Morra family acquired both the trademark rights and the production facilities in Doncaster, England, and Saint Dizier, France.
Argo Tractors: Worldwide manufacturingLandini has been part of Argo since 1994. At that time, the Morra family bought the company from Massey Ferguson, which was founded in 1884 by Giovanni Landini in Fabbrico, Italy. Fabbrico is still Argo's headquarters today. In addition to a cabin and an assembly plant in Fabbrico, there are two nearby.