Social Studies Department

"Every generation writes its own history."

Jeannette Dickerson

Conference: 1st

Room number: 402

college/University: Sul Ross RG

Degree: Bachelors Arts/Masters of Education

What are you certified to teach? Social Studies 8-12

Grade levels: 8-12

How many years in EPISD? 8

C.C. Winn: 5

Total teaching : 8

Whats your favorite part about your job? The Students

Roberto Hoffman

  • His Conference is 1st period in room 410
  • He studied in U.T.S.A for 4 years
  • Got Political Science With a Minor in History Degree
  • Is certified to teach social studies 8-12
  • Has been in EPISD for 4 years & also the same amount for CC.WINN.
  • Taught a total of 6 years
  • His favorite part about his job is that he gets to help people everyday.

Enrique Pang

  1. His conference is 2nd period in room 317
  2. He studied In U.T.S.A for 3 years

pedro ramon

conference: 1st

college/university: sul ross unuui

degree; bachler of art