The endangered species of Brown Bears.

General Description

The Brown Bear is an animal that is an endangered species in Europe. Its scientific name is ursus arctos. It is also known as the grizzly bear and has trademark brown fur (redlist). The average size of this large mammal is 1.5- 2.8 m. The male weight is 135- 545 kg and the female weight is 80- 250 kg (ark).

Food Chain

Brown bears eat a wide variety of food, as they are omnivores. The kind of foods they eat are fish, berries, and other small animals. They are mostly predators to small animals, but sometimes they hunt larger animals like deer. They are most active during early mornings and evenings and are found in their vast habitats of forest, woodland, coastlines, and tundra (ark).


The Brown Bear also known as the ursus arctos live in several habitats and climates. They can live in different places ranging from forests which are most common to coastlines and deserts which are less common (nat geo). The climate also differs from wet to dry areas. Brown bears are mostly located in northern regions like Canada and Russia but can also be situated in North America and the Middle East. During their stay, these bears hibernate in dens without food and water for half a year (red list).


The brown bear is a large animal with a big head, large body, and long claws. The fur is usually of a brown, blonde, or black color. They are also powerful bears with an omnivorous diet. During the Winter, these mammals hibernate in dens and their fat sustains them during the long wait (ark). When the hunting season comes along, they gather food and hunt for fish. Their speed is a grand 30 mph (48 kph) and can be dangerous to humans (nat geo). They occupy the largest habitat range of all bears.

Endangerment and Critical info

Brown bears are a least concerning endangerment species that are protected by national laws. Some of the population is protected by the Endangerment Species Act. Some countries also have conservation management plans for some of the more vulnerable population. International trade of brown bears are illegal in countries like Asia and illegal hunting is a huge threat (ark).
Grizzly bear sounds

Attribution for Images

bear cubs and adult - by Len Radin (flickr)
brown bears in a waterfall - by cheryl strahl (flickr)
brown bear with fish - by Ken Bondy (flickr)
brown bear in water - by Michelle Bender (flickr)
brown bear and car - by passengercis (flickr)

Attribution for Video

video of brown bear sounds - by AlexTriceratops123 (youtube)

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