Athletic Trainer

Helping people and trying to make the world a better place

What do I do?

  • Administer medications or treatments
  • analyze patients
  • use emergency medical procedures
  • Use massage therapy procedures

What kind of education, training, and licensing do I need?

  • Bachelors degree (Most Common)
  • Some people prepare for the job with on the hob training with another trainer, but it is not required
  • Graduate of an approved program in athletic training
  • Current certification by the Board of Certification
  • A license is required

Day-to-Day work activities?

  • You may have to attend sports games
  • You may work in a hospital or school
  • Help people immediately when injured
  • You may help kids recover from injuries

Working Conditions

  • Face to face discussions
  • Freedom to make decisions without supervision
  • Close physical proximity with other people
  • Working with group or team
  • Freedom to determine task, priorities, and goals


  • On average most people in Minnesota make $42,087 per year
  • On average most people in the U.S. make $42,664 per year

Current Employment and Outlook


MN-238 people are currently hired in this occupation

US-18,200 people are currently hired in this occupation

  • This career is currently in low demand, but the demand for them in the future is rapidly growing.


Advantages-Some advantages would be I get to attend sports games, I get to help people, I would get to constantly meet new people, and I would get to work in many different places.

Disadvantages-Some disadvantages would be that you would have to be on your feet a lot, you may have to deal with some unpleasant injuries, you would maybe have to deal with some mad people.

Sources for more information

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