Join Tennis Team!

Come out everyday after school and play with us!!

Why Join?

Well, to start with, the Hoggard Varsity Tennis Team is a great way to get active and involved in sports! Our amazing Coach, Mr. Bowen is very smart and willing to help you improve. We practice obedience towards him because he dosent fall for anything. He's tough but ready to help you get better and win!


Tryouts for the 2014-2015 seasons are at the end of summer in August! Don't be nervous, we all had to try out. Once you make the team your on for the next 4 years. Authority is really important in tryouts because you want to impress Coach Bowen. He is our authority and follow and take everything he tells you into serious consideration.

Tryout Tips

  • Be yourself! Don't conform your play in order to impress people. Coach will let you on the team based on skill, nothing else.
  • Don't try to blame other people for your mistakes on the court. Self-serving bias is something not excepted on the team
  • be strong in you position on the team. Don't blend in and let Group think control you
  • Try not to give the team any reason not to like you. Group Polarization could very easily kick in and effect the group as a whole
  • Fundamental Attribution Error! I know you might not know what this word means but you have to learn if you want to be on the team! Concerning tennis it means you have to play your best no matter who is watching. Your opponent might underestimate you and you as the player have to step up.


Thursday, Aug. 14th, 8am to Friday, Aug. 15th, 11am

4305 Shipyard Blvd

Wilmington, NC

These are the tryout dates for the Hoggard Varsity Tennis Team! Come out to Hoggard High Tennis Courts and play!

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