BY: Jade Njo 5th Period

After reading the article "Currents," here is a few bits of information I collected from it:

Things I Learned:

  • Currents are caused by gravity
  • The only type of current that can be predicted for future dates is a tidal current
  • The speed of a current is measured in knots
  • As rainwater flows down a street, it is a current

Things I Still Have Questions About:

  • Why can only tidal currents be predicted and have a regular patter?
  • Does that mean all other currents don't have a regular pattern?

How Currents Affect Our Daily Lives:

Currents are weird things, but once you think about it, they help us get into Yale. Currents affect the ship trades, which affects the economy, and the economy affects the world education system, therefore determines whether or not I get Yale.

Also they affect our weather system.