About S'mores

Emma Geren

Facts about s'mores

You know you call s'mores right well it is a nickname for some more! They say that the s'mores were made from book that they food in a girl Scots book in 1927 and that is how they figured out how to make s’mores. They even celebrate s'more day it is August 10th and they do it every year. They make 373 million s'mores can you believe that and they make 746 million marshmallows!

S'more facts about s'mores

Did you know that 90 million people buy bags of marshmallows if you didn’t know now you do. Every graham cracker has 5 grams of whole wheat and of per serving of real actually of real honey. if you want to know how much calories are in marshmallows I will tell you there are 159 calories.