Education Applications

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an excellent supplement to any science or math class and is great assistance for when students are working outside of school.

Access the Khan Academy app by clicking on the link below:

Daily Workouts

Carry your very own personal trainer wherever you go. This app provided various workouts and exercises and also has instructional videos. It can be used for sports performance classes. Students can access the exercises in class and carry out the workout, or use it at home.

Access the Daily Workouts app by clicking on the link below:

Daily Nutrients

This app allows you to find the most nutritious foods. Students in sports performance, aspiring nutritionists, or a student looking to benefit from a healthy diet can use this app for guidance.

Access the Daily Nutrients app by clicking on the link below:

Mint: Money Management App

Mint allows you to budget your money on this simple to use application. This app could be introduced in a Career and Life Management class and could be used for developing practical financing techniques.

Access Mint by clicking the link below:


Powerschool is a learning management system that allows teachers to post attendance, assignments, grades and more, which can then be viewed by parents and students. This app allows for extra convenience as this content can now be checked on the go. Powerschool is a great tool for any teacher to use and will benefit students greatly.

Access the Powerschool app by clicking the link below: