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Below is a picture of a guy walking through a blizzard.
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Proficient Paragraph: Blizzards

In this paragraph, I will be telling the facts about a snow storm called a blizzard which can cause terrible disasters. A blizzard is a long-lasting snow storm with very strong winds and intense snowfall. (Weather Wiz Kids). According to, you need three things to have a blizzard; cold air at the surface, lots of moisture and intense snowfall. A blizzard has winds of at least 35 mph, and last a prolonged period of time typically three hours or more. If there is a blizzard, you may wanna watch the local news, listen to the radio, etc, to stay updated on what’s happening and what could happen. If you are in a blizzard, make sure you’re prepared with your automobile properly equipped with emergency supplies incase you get stranded or lost. Those are some helpful facts about blizzards which can cause terrible disasters so if you’re in one always be prepared.

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Weather Poem: Blizzards

Weather Poem: Blizzards

Very strong winds and intense snowfall are happening outside

People are turning on the radio to listen to whats happening

It’s a blizzard!

Inside people are grabbing blankets and drinking hot chocalate

waiting for the disaster to come

Soon, they hear winds of up to 40 mph whistling

a song it sounded like

The tree branches are dancing in the wind

snowmen outside are falling over

3 hours later they look outside

and snow is covering every thing

The cars, driveways, streets all full of snow

Icicles hang upon the outside of the roof

The blizzard is now over

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Above is a picture of the damage of a blizzard