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Kicking off the 2021-22 school year!

As we begin the new school year at Friendswood High School, I'm excited to begin this new journey as the College and Career Specialist. This newsletter will provide some valuable resources to parents and students, highlight student success stories, and serve as a source of key information regarding college , career, and military readiness. To kick off the start of a new school year, this month's spotlight will be on our Ready, Set, Teach program. Be sure to check out the FHS College and Career Website (linked at the bottom) for additional information and resources!

Interested in a career in...EDUCATION?

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Explore the FHS Ready, Set, Teach Program!

What better way to kick off the start of a new school year than by highlighting careers in education! You may know that students interested in a career in education can enroll in Friendswood High School's Ready, Set, Teach program, but did you know that this program also offers opportunities for students interested in coaching positions, teaching the arts, and teaching specialized High School courses? Mrs. Holtvluwer's Ready, Set, Teach program is open to Juniors and Seniors who have taken either Principles of Education or Child Development. Students in the program are matched with a teacher in the district and help to complete tasks for teachers, teach lessons, and work with students in a variety of ways to gain valuable authentic experience in the field of education putting Goal #6 of the Strategic Plan into action! The placement opportunities occur with teachers on our elementary and intermediate campuses, but opportunities also exist for students interested in teaching at the Junior High and High School levels as well as in coaching and fine arts positions.

To pursue a career as a teacher, attending a four-year university is necessary. During college, students will take classes that will help prepare them for a career in education. Students will also have an opportunity to student teach in a classroom during their time there...but what if they are not 4-year college bound? Mrs. Holtvluwer says "Many students can use their training in Ready, Set, Teach to obtain jobs in child care around our community. A few of my former students have also worked as paraprofessionals at Westwood Elementary. All Ready, Set, Teach 2 students are able to receive a substitute certification through Region 4 before graduating high school. Students can use this certification to become a substitute."

As an added bonus, for students who complete two years of Ready, Set, Teach, FISD has created an opportunity to come back to Friendswood ISD and receive an interview for an open teaching position upon graduation from a 4-year degreed Education program. However, opportunities have also existed for students directly out of high school. Mrs. Holtvluwer says she has "had a few former students be interviewed at Westwood Elementary for positions as a paraprofessional. In fact, one student was hired for a paraprofessional position at Westwood right after she graduated from high school. This student had completed her RST mentorship for two years at Westwood in the same classroom that she was hired to work." The opportunities through Ready, Set, Teach provide students with authentic learning experiences that extend beyond classroom walls, and open doors to many possibilities as they graduate from Friendswood High School equipped to thrive in and contribute to a global society!.

Ready, Set, Teach!

From the Classroom to the Real World!

As part of the Ready, Set, Teach (RST) interview program this year, FISD hired two former Ready, Set, Teach students. Bella Leggio was hired as a 5th grade Reading/Language Arts teacher at Windsong Intermediate, and Lauren Jones was hired as a 2nd grade teacher at Westwood Elementary. Ms. Jones credits her experience in RST as solidifying her decision to pursue a career in education and training. Similarly, Ms. Leggio grew up watching her mom teach and knew she was interested in education, but her participation in FHS's RST program made her realize teaching was her "true life passion". Ms. Leggio says, "Ready, Set, Teach had a huge impact on my decision to pursue education as a career. I was also a PAL my senior year. This experience really inspired me to want to work with students and truly make a difference in their lives. "

Both teachers say that their experiences with RST are some of their most memorable times at FHS. This experience allowed them to build relationships with teachers and mentors, as well as spend time in the classroom gaining firsthand experience in teaching and education. Looking forward to her new job, one thing Ms. Jones is most excited about is being able to make learning fun and authentic. She says that she wants "to be the kind of teacher that creates a classroom that my students cannot wait to get to each day to see what exciting learning experiences (await) them." She is excited to make a difference in her students' lives. Ms. Leggio says that she is most excited to finally have the opportunity to work alongside the teachers she has looked up to as role models, plus she has the added bonus of working alongside her mom who has been a teacher for 30 years. She says, "It is truly such a dream for me to be here at Windsong and an experience I will never forget!" We are excited to see what new legacies are created by these two difference makers.

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Upcoming Tests at FHS

  • ASVAB will be administered on Wednesday, October 6th and is open to all 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. Students should see their counselor if interested in registering for this test. Sign-up dates: Wednesday, Sept. 22, 8am until Monday, Oct 4, 4pm. (This test will be offered again in the spring. Dates TBD).
  • The PSAT/NMSQT will be administered on Wednesday, October 13th at FHS to all 10th and 11th graders. 9th graders currently enrolled in MAP Algebra II will also be invited to test. Click here for information regarding the PSAT. Mrs. Lyon (Assistant Principal & Testing Coordinator) will communicate PSAT/NMSQT test day information within the next few weeks.
  • A free School Day SAT will be given to all 11th graders on Wednesday, March 2, 2022.

Testing Accommodations- Information for 504 and Special Education Students

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Pearland/Friendswood ISD College Fair ***changed to a virtual event-

Wednesday, Sep. 15th 2021 at 6-8pm

This is an online event.

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Galveston County College Fair

Thursday, Sep. 16th 2021 at 6-8pm

1200 North Amburn Road

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