Northeast By: Desmond smith

The States of the Northeast

These are all the states in the Northeast region, Maine, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Massachusetts.


There are many interesting landforms in the Northeast. It has mountains and is hilly. Come to the Northeast and see these beautiful features!!!

Bodies of Water

In the Northeast region has tons of water like Atlantic Ocean, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. These are all of the bodies of water in the Northeast. Come see all of the AWESOME things in the water in the Northeast.


If you want to take a vacation you have come to the right place. It is damp in the northeast. It is also hot in the northeast region also. It is hot on the hills because that means you are closer to the sun. Check it out!


Did you know Maine is a small state, but it is really big on the inside? There are interesting things in Maine, like big waves, the land, or just the beach. Go there for a vacation.

Natural Resources

The Natural resources are lots of farming, bodies of water, lots of land and a lot of mountains.

Key Words

natrual resoures means most of the things that gose on in the region the most sources