April 2015

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YouTube - sharing

While we are waiting for Google to release the latest version of YouTube (the one that is supposed to prevent students from turning off Safe Search) you can still share YouTube videos with your students. Our Technology department created this help page to give you directions on how to share the videos. You can then share the video through a shared folder or through Google Classroom.
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Office 2013 - Quick Start Guides

As you upgrade to Office 2013 you are probably wondering how to do a few things or where something is located. Our Technology department created this page with a collection of quick start guides for your reference. If you still need to upgrade and/or need to add your signature to Outlook and picture to your account visit this Blendspace. Please let your campus tech know if you need help installing and let me know if you need help creating shortcuts on your computer or other training.
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Using Flubaroo to Grade Quizzes

Would you like help grading quizzes? Then take a look at Flubaroo. Flubaroo is a free Google Drive add-on that can be used with Google Forms. Alice Keeler has created instructions on how to create a quiz using Google Forms and Flubaroo to grade it. The quizzes you create can be shared by using a direct link or assigning them in Google Classroom. If you need assistance please let me know.
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As we near the end of the school year one of the things we encourage our students to do is read. Biblionasium is a website that is geared to K-8 students. Parents and Educators are also able to use biblionasium to recommend books, locate books that will interest their students/children at their reading levels, create book talks and do other things. Take a look and consider sharing with your students. It's free.

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