Apollo Moon Landing

By: Eli Zorniger

Who, What, Where, When, Why

In 1969 one of the greatest steps for man kind arose from beyond our atmosphere. Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. These brave men were the first men to successfully accomplish a landing from spaceship on the moon. Neil Armstrong was technically the first man to set foot on the far orbital moon, being head of the mission. This mission was needed and very necessary for the U.S. and the world itself. It gave the U.S. a head up on technology and research and insured the rest of the world that it was possible to take a human being to the moon.
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Perspective #1

Most and many of the people in this world believe that the U.S. were the first to successfully land a man on the moon. Neil Armstrong and his team were apparently the first to step foot on the surface of our orbiting neighbor. Although all of the media shows and news explained how the astronauts certainly did successfully launch to the moon, not everybody believes this statement. Opinion polls on the Apollo moon landing state that about 94% of Americans and 72% of Russians do in fact believe that the U.S. were the first to land on the moon in 1969.
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Perspective #2

Yes, it is crazy to think that there are conspiracy theories that the U.S. actually faked the moon landing. Conspirators believe that the U.S. faked the moon landing in order to win the space race. Around the late 60's there was a lot of talk about space and which country would be the first to successfully land a human onto the moon. Whoever sent a man into space first was going to have a great technology advantage and credit for their country. There were photos uncovered of the astronauts posing for photos on a fake setup which looked like a moon type setting. The world may not know if these photos are real or if they were made up by other conspirators trying to sell there thoughts and ideas into the rest of the worlds minds.

Media Bias

The media definitely sold the point that NASA had successfully landed a man on the moon. There was no doubt in their mind that the astronaut team had complete their mission with no problems. This story did not have any other bias side to it unless the media decide to reject the story totally. If the media would have stated that NASA faked the moon landing, it would cause great chaos in the American people. Therefore, it was best to sell the medias point that the U.S. won the space race and successfully launched mankind onto the moon in spacecraft.

Critisism #1

Many people criticized the astronauts that were sent into space. Some people believed that second-in- command, Buzz Aldrin should have leaded the mission instead of Neil Armstrong. Many believed that Buzz Aldrin was more qualified and deserved to lead the mission to be the first to step foot on the moon. Neil was a very well rounded individual doing everything from the U.S. Navy to space engineering. Buzz focused mostly on being an astronaut.
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Critisism #2

Other countries obviously had a few criticisms themselves. Most of the rest of the world were envy of NASA for being the first to land a man on the moon. They were upset that the United States had won the space race and criticized the U.S. for it. The U.S. continues to prosper in space research but plenty of other countries are beginning to gain advantages and catch up to the U.S. in the area of space travel.
Apollo11: Lunar Landing July 20, 1969