Home of the Gods

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Hall of the Gods

This is the most honored building in the entire world. It has the most powerful people in it. The hall of the gods is made of trapezoids, and a trapezoidal prism.
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Hephaestus in his workshop

Hephaestus is very strong because of working in his workshop every day. His workshop is very mechanical. Hephaestus's workshop in made of squares, a cone, and a cube.
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Temple to Poseidon

Poseidon likes people who honor him. Ancient Greeks liked to build temples to the gods. This is one of Poseidon's temples. The temple to Poseidon is made of triangles and a triangular prism
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Music Store

Apollo is the god of music. The music store is made of squares, rectangles, and a rectangular prism.
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Intersecting & perpendicular lines

Most roads have intersecting & perpendicular lines in them.
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Right Angle, Obtuse Angle, Acute Angle

There are lots of right angles and acute angles in my city like in the Hall of the Gods the trapezoid creates an acute angle.