Elvis Presley

The King of Rock and Roll

The "King"

As a boy, this amazing man was very shy at first and learned from his shyness to become a more confident man. He was beloved for his handsomeness and everyone adored him and his angel-like voice. And his determination led him to never give up even in the hardest times. Some people had the chance to be alive at the same time that he was but many people did not. This amazing man was Elvis Presley.

Time Line of the Major Events in Elvis's Life

1935 - Elvis was Born

1946 - Gladys ( Elvis’s Mother ) buys Elvis his first guitar

1948 - Elvis and his family move to Memphis, Tennessee

1953 - Elvis records his first song at Sun Studios

1955 - RCA buys Elvis’s contract from Sun Studios then later Elvis records “Heartbreak Hotel”

1956 - Elvis’s first movie called “ Love Me Tender” is released

1957 - Elvis buys a mansion called Graceland, Elvis gets drafted

1958 - Gladys dies

1960 - Elvis makes a comeback on TV

1967 - Elvis and his love he met at war named Priscilla gets married

1968 - Elvis’s child named Lisa-Marie is born and Elvis makes another comeback

1968 - Elvis goes on stage in Vegas

1970 - The president meets Elvis at the white house

1973 - Elvis and Priscilla get divorced

1977 - Elvis plays his last concert on June 16, Elvis dies on August 16th because of an overdose of drugs and his eating problem.