Road to Perseverance

Carson Wilberg

Perseverance at its Best!

In this news letter I will tell you about 4 amazing people that did not stop because of adversity's but kept moving on and persevered. I am going to tell about people who have lost limbs, been shunned because of there color, and has a major brain problem. But that did not stop them. It just made them stronger.
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Compare and Contrast

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Jackie Robinson

Lets play ball!

This was the first ever black person to play in the major league for baseball. During his season people hated him, the booed and throw stuff at him to make him leave. But that did not bother him, because he was determined to play baseball and be one of the best. Jackie hit many home runs and is in the Hall of Fame. He is one of the best baseball players ever.

Time line of Jackie Robinson

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Jimmy V.

This man has brain tumors all over his brain. What brain tumors are is a from what I know it as is a spot in your brain that takes up space and u cant learn with them and you are not as smart with them. This man has a really hard time with any regular human things. But the tumor did not stop him. Because he is still walking, talking, and feeling great. Sadly he passed away but we will always remember him.