Lawrence kansas

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Job Summary: Most of the nation’s 2.7 million nurses work in medical and surgical hospital environments. The rest are typically employed in physicians’ offices, home healthcare services and nursing care facilities, along with government agencies, support services and educational services.Nurses usually work in familiar healthcare facilities, but some can work in patients’ homes, schools, community centers or office environments. Travel nurses work where RNs are in short supply, either domestically or in foreign countries.Because of the nature of the job, many nurses can spend a great deal of time standing and walking, along with bending and lifting. Back stress is a professional hazard because RNs help lift and move patients and equipment. Nurses are also in close contact with patients who have infectious diseases and must follow strict guidelines and protocols to protect their own health.


Thursday, Jan. 21st, 9pm

Lawrence, KS, United States

Lawrence, KS

These Headquarters are in Lawrence, Kansas I want to go there to get a new start and a new life with a new family. I want to be a nurse because i love helping others. Its gonna take a lot of work but i will succeed i do not give up easily.

Housing Comparisons

this is the houses in Lawrence Kansas and junction city kansas and lawrence has better houses and my college tuition every month is $637.75 to pay off medical school

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