Edward Estlin Cummings

Own kind of poet, smart man

E.E Cummings was his own kind of poet, he didn't follow all the things that everyone else did. He went his own way and was criticized for not going with the times a lot. He was born on October 14th, 1894. It is said that he began to write poems by the year 1904. A little after that he was attending Cambridge Latin High School, where he studied Latin and Greek. He then went on to attend Harvard where he would get his bachelor's degree and his masters degree. After that he began to travel and write more poems. He wrote about most of his experiences, some from love some from the war camp. He began a big part of American poetry. On September 3rd, 1962 E.E Cummings died. But at this time he was the second most widely read poet right after Robert Frost.

Humanity I Love You

The title of this poem is very contradictory to the rest of it. He begins the story with how he points out all the hardships in this world but in the beginning of everything he still says Humanity I Love You. You aren't keeping yourself safe in this world with the things you do and are treating it like it is nothing at all. The last sentence he states, "I hate you" which he finally makes it clear the the reader that he truly doesn't like the way we live. We need to change things to make it a better place for everyone and not act like our everyday lives don't matter.


He first brings up that if things were the opposite of what they are, he wouldn't be who he is. So its okay that some things are bad. They are what help us get through everything. He also says that if things we're okay in this world than you also wouldn't be you. If things aren't the way they are right now in this moment than maybe they wouldn't be together. And that would be the hardest thing there ever could be.

Why Did You Go

This is a poem where a kitten has died, and he begins to ask where he has gone. Did the kitten just got to sleep while they weren't looking? I think it is him trying to explain how a child feels when they lose their pets. They really don't understand and are just trying to make it clear that in their eyes the animal has just gone to sleep.

It Is Funny, You Will Be Dead Some Day

Most people dont like to think about it but we all will die someday. All your unique stuff will be gone in just one day. We will then be the stars, the grass, and the universe will be ours. We will be in the hands of the wind and there is truly nothing we can do to avoid it happening to us. All the days and nights that once mattered to us so much wont matter anymore. And we'll be gone and that is okay.

Nobody Loses All The Time

The poem depicts how his uncle was a failure in life. He could never do much right and he always tried dangerous things. Then the man tried to have a farm and nothing could work right. He tried and tried then one day he got tired of trying and drown himself in a water tank. The funeral was had all the black and flowers that a funeral should have. And said in the story "We all cried like the Missouri" so even if he was a failure everyone loved him so. But as he went down into the ground he started a worm farm, and it didnt fail. But E.E. Cummings said that because in some way everything is connected and you can't be a failure forever. Things will change and you will do good.