Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter


November Week 1

11/5 Cycle Day 1

PBIS Meeting/Learning Commons, 7:35

PTO Meeting (Grants), 6:30

11/6 Cycle Day 2

BLT, 7:30

Picture REtake Day

Election Day

11/7 Cycle Day 3

11/8 Cycle Day 4

First Quarter Ends


NO SCHOOL/Teacher Planning Day



P.I.L.O.T. Assembly from River Valley (K-2 8:45-9:30 and 3-5 9:45-10:30)

Conferences 3:15-7:30


Conferences 3:15-7:30


Conferences 3:15-7:30

Report Cards Sent Home


5th Grade to High School for Native American Performance 10:10-11:40

Culvers Fundraiser Night 4:00-8:00


No SCHOOL/Thanksgiving Break


Prof. Dev./Gifford Cluster 7:30


Two Hour Early Release


I-Team Meeting 7:30



PBIS Meeting 7:35 (Learning Commons)

Lockdown #3 9:00

Gingerbread House Night 6-7:45 (M-Z 6-6:45, A-L 7-7:45)


BLT 7:30


Climb Theater 8:40 (3,4,5)


I-Team Meeting 7:30

2nd Grade Music Program 2:00


Staff Meeting 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)


I-Team Meeting 7:30


Chipotle Night 4:00-8:00


BLT 7:30


PBIS Meeting 2:30 (Aune's Room)


Winter Party


NO SCHOOL/Winter Break

Notes from Kevin

  • Since all are comfortable with their students at this point in the year, Let’s begin informal observations (usually walkthroughs) for our building. Please remember that not all classroom visits are informal observations. It is only an informal observation if you receive written feedback (usually email) on the visit. Informal observations can be in the classroom, at an IEP, a PLC meeting, parents conference, or in any aspect of our school. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  • We were able to attend a few of the grade level Jackson pride assemblies and they were great! If in the future you could invite Pete and Kevin we would love to try and be there. Thanks in advance.
  • If your website needs updating, please make the needed changes as soon as possible as our communications department wanted this completed before MEA break. Wendy has all the answers if you have questions about the changes.
  • BLT next Tuesday. Please let your BLT rep know if you have something that needs to be discussed there.


*Chex Mix Fairy--THANK YOU for much for making Chex Mix appear on my desk, it was SO YUMMY!

*Miss Kaitlin--Thank you for always having a listening ear and always having the time to have a chat

*Thank you to the camping crew for being so supportive and the wonderful gift during a difficult time!

*Thank you to the third grade team for being AMAZINGLY supportive to me and helpful to the sub when I was gone!

*Thank you Staff for a fun and Tasty Halloween Trick or Treat.

*Thanks to Jackson staff for your kindness and support after my Dad passed away; your cards, messages, hugs, and special gifts are so very appreciated. I enjoy teaching with all of you!!!!!!!!!

*Thank you to Tim for fixing our Unit 4 math test! We all appreciate it!*

*Thank you to Lexie for always sharing fun things that she is doing in her classroom!

*Great job to the first grade team working together to put together and fun, and engaging Jackson Pride assembly for first grade!

*Heather Balk & Becca Kay-Lewis, oh my gosh…thank you for helping me out of a TIGHT situation!! I sure am lucky to work with my friends!!

*Sarah Hartman – Thank you for every kindness and all of your positive vibes that you bring with you to school. It is a treat for your colleagues and your students.

*Krissy Luce – You are amazing asset to our school and we all appreciate the small (and big) things that you do for our students and staff.

*Dianne Kersteter – You are doing an amazing job with all of your media classes. It is a pleasure to work alongside you.

*Steph Blad – You are a bundle of energy and ideas. And I LOVE your passion for our students…over health/wellness and success in classroom instruction.

(Amy Pass – Thanks for letting me in your classroom this week. Love learning with an alongside you. ☺ Excited for more collaboration together this year.

**Thank you, Jody, Jen and Becca for the Rime Magic tutorial! We love this new strategy to use with our readers!

*Thank you, Pete and Kevin, for coming to our first grade October Jackson Pride get together – the kids enjoyed having you there!

*Thank you, Wendy, for contacting one of my families about conferences! I appreciate it!

*THANKS so much to Cindy Bauder for being an amazing music sub!! You are so appreciated!!

*THANKS to our PE staff and Art Guy for being so helpful and supportive of the 3rd grade music program. You are so appreciated!!

*THANKS to Jaron Aune for helping me find my contact!

*THANKS to Kirk Rosholt for helping me set up the risers in the gym. So appreciated!!

*Thank you Dena for your help in the morning with my friend.

*Thank you K Team for helping me out when I was sick!

*Thank Stephanie for taking my class when I was suddenly sick!

*Thank you Kevin for helping with dismissal of my class!

*Thank you K Team for the lovely breakfast! We love K!!!

DLC Quick Tip

Did you know that you can find nonfiction articles using databases in MackinVIA for FREE? They could be valuable resources to use with your students in reading and writing workshop.

For example, many of the Scholastic News magazines are available in the databases (student and teacher editions).

DLCs would love to show you how student can access those articles in Seesaw. Once online, students can also underline/highlight digital articles on the iPad and submit them back to you using Notability and Seesaw. Additionally, DLCs would love to learn more about the reading and writing in your classroom and help you implement efficient and meaningful literacy tools.

DLCs love to work with you on any learning or projects in your classroom. Submit a DLC Request to ideate, plan, or co-teach.


  • 11/8 Jeff Triest
  • 11/13 Jeff Hager
  • 11/23 Dan Olson
  • 12/3 Kathy Clarke
  • 12/3 Kathie Rue
  • 12/8 Kim Hackel
  • 12/8 Kristine McGuire
  • 12/8 Marty Schmidt
  • 12/9 Diane Crist
  • 12/11 Lisa Goodwin-Toller
  • 12/11 Alexa Ploumen
  • 12/12 Brooke VonBank
  • 12/16 Luci Drill Mellum
  • 12/18 Lexie Schilling
  • 12/24 Noel Reinke
  • 12/25 Brandie Rush