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SMART Tools for SMART Learners

SMART Exchange in SMART Notebook

SMART Exchange is a one-stop destination designed to provide teachers with access to all of SMART's learning resources and the opportunity to connect with colleagues in a professional community. SMART Exchange has a variety of interactive lessons to use with SMART Notebook and all of the SMART tools. You do not need a SMART Board in order to use the engaging lessons in the library. There are lessons in SMART Exchange for all subjects and all grade levels. SMART Exchange offers custom-designed searches to help save you time by delivering relevant results and a full visual preview of all SMART Notebook files, so that you can easily evaluate a lesson before downloading it. These interactive lessons are available to use with SMART Notebook, the SMART Board, or the SMART Response Clickers.

For more information on SMART Notebook or SMART Exchange, please view the Atomic Learning Video:


SMART Response Clickers

The SMART Response Clickers are a wonderful way to assess your student's knowledge of the concepts being learned in class.The SMART Response system consists of a set of "remotes" or "clickers" that students can use to answer questions with SMART Notebook, giving both teachers and students immediate feedback. Teachers can prepare either single questions or entire quizzes using this system, and each student in the class has his/her remote to use to answer the questions. Benefits of using the SMART Response system include
  • immediate feedback for teachers and students
  • increased student engagement
  • eases student anxiety by allowing anonymity
  • easy analysis of student understanding
  • can be used for formative or summative assessments
  • instantly saves students' results
  • and more...


The SMART Board is an interactive board that turns a typical classroom into a fun learning environment. It enriches classrooms in several ways by providing hands on collaboration and creating the perfect learning setting. The SMART Board can accommodate different learning styles. The SMART Boards offers learners an opportunity to share and participate in the instructional process. Interactivity provides a platform for students to demonstrate their grasp of the subject through touching, drawing, and writing. Every learner has an opportunity to participate or contribute to the presentation and/or discussion.Teachers and students are able to identify individual strengths and weaknesses in various subject areas and isolate areas/topics that need more focus or review.

For more information on the interactive SMART Board, please view the Atomic Learning Videos:


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SMART Airliner Slate

The SMART AirLiner wireless slate allows you to interact wirelessly with your computer. You can use the AirLiner wireless slate to control your computer applications and make notes on your SMART Board interactive whiteboard, or any computer projected image, from anywhere in the room. Wireless technology allows you to teach or present from across the room, and it allows students or participants to give feedback using the slate from their desks. The slate can be used with a Smart Board, but one is not required. To increase engagement in your classroom, multiple slate users can write at the same time as someone using the Smart Board. The SMART Airliner has a battery-free tethered pen that works like a mouse, enabling you to select, edit and erase objects, images and text.

These are all available resources at Hunters Glen!

For more information, or to request a model lesson on how to utilize these tools, please contact Mrs. Granger.