Cub Chronicle: Parent Edition

November Newsletter

What our cubs are Learning

Content Areas

Pre-K 4


-Elements of print (child can distinguish between elements of print including letters, words, and pictures.

-Inferences and predictions

-Rhyming (child can produce a word that rhymes with a given word).

-Blends (onset and rime to form familiar one syllable words).

ELA – Ff, Gg, Mm, Ss, Kk, Pp, Oo, Ff

Word families: -at, -an

SLA – e, t, p, a, n, b, m, l, d, o, s, u, c

Rimas: -una, -ama, -elo


-Location Words

-Problem Solving: addition & subtraction

-Passing of Time

*Ongoing Skills: 1:1 correspondence, rote counting and number recognition


-Sources of Energy including light, heat, and electricity.

-Earth Materials and their properties and uses

Social Studies/SEL

-Similarities and differences in characteristics

-Holidays and Traditions of family and Community

-Problem solving strategies

Pre-K 3


Continue working on:

-Recognizing first name in print

-Making predictions about stories

-Re-telling stories that have been read aloud

-Alphabet Knowledge: Jj, Nn, Hh, Mm, Vv, Xx, Kk, Qq


Continue working on:

-Rote counting

-One-to-one correspondence

-Identifying primary and secondary colors

-Identifying and creating common shapes

-Practice using positional and locational words

Social Studies/SEL

Continue working on:

-identifying similarities and differences in characteristics of families

-Developing and practicing problem-solving strategies and recognizing when to seek adult help


-Position and motion of objects

-Sources of energy (light, heat, electricity)

Specials' Corner


We will continue to learn about the elements of Art in November. We have already learned about the elements of color and line. We will be learning about shape and form in the month of November. We will also mix science into our art and learn about our exciting new season of Autumn before our Fall break. The students will need a black crayon or marker and a piece of paper every day. They will use the rest of their crayons to color their art for independent practice.


In November, we will be accessing our motor skills and knowledge of GO, SLOW, WHOA foods. We are starting to go outside, when whether permits! Please make sure your students have on appropriate attire for running and playing outside for their PE week! Don’t forget to put shorts under dresses and wear sneakers! Thank you in advance.


This month we will be continuing our learning and understanding of a "steady beat" and will begin to find our singing voices. We will practice these skills daily in music class and will use a variety of percussion instruments such as Drums, Maracas, Sleigh Bells, Shakers, Triangles, and Tambourines to demonstrate our skills.

Health Spot

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  • Lets talk about FLU SEASON; the best defense is to VACCINATE!

    Also, if your child has turned 4, don't forget to get those vaccines. This will get them ready for KINDERGARTEN 2021-2022!

  • Please provide 3 changes of clothes for students daily. Please refer to the district's toileting policy provided by your classroom teacher for more information.

Student Health & Safety

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To find more information regarding GPISD's protocols & procedures during COVID-19, please visit

Counselor's Corner

Hello Crockett Cub Family,

We are Mrs. Lopez, your School Counselor and Ms. Gaines, your Social-Emotional Learning Counselor. It is truly a pleasure to support all the children and families at Crockett EES. We actively work to provide our students weekly guidance lessons, individual counseling sessions, and various virtual parent education classes. If your child is in need of any social-emotional support, please fill out the counselor consultation form. The form can be found by clicking the following link:


Our vision is for all of our young learners at Crockett Early Education School to develop fundamental skills; academically, socially and emotionally at an early age so that they can succeed and find their unique and individual passion in life.


Our mission is to support our School District’s youngest learners in reaching their highest potential socially, emotionally and academically. We provide students and families with a counseling program that addresses skills and techniques that foster social, emotional, and academic growth to all children to prepare them for school readiness.

For the month of November, students will be learning how to identify and solve problems effectively. Problem solving is a skill that our students will need throughout life to resolve day-to-day situations. We teach our students how to solve problems in four specific steps: (1) STOP and calm down; (2) TALK to understand the problem. Is this a little problem (a problem the student can solve independently) or a big problem (a problem that may need the assistance of an adult)? (3) THINK of possible solutions to the problem; (4) TRY a solution and see how it works.

To foster these skills at home, feel free to try these strategies:

Identifying Problems:

  1. Talk with your child about “stop and talk” when attempting to identify a problem. Encourage them to practice calming strategies (taking deep breaths or counting) prior attempting to solve a problem.

  2. Practice identifying problems in books, TV shows, etc.

Problem Solving:

  1. Talk with your child about “thinking and trying” to solve problems independently.

  2. Identify various problems in books and TV shows. Have your child identify whether the problem is a little problem or a big problem. Can the character solve the problem by themselves or do they need help from someone else?

  3. Have your child practice finding various solutions to problems.

Mark your calendars!

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3: ‘Draw with me, Dad!’ Draw, Color and Connect With Your Child! @ 4:00-4:30p (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad)

5: Nutrition Class @ 1-2p (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad)

6: Parent Conferences (No School)

10: Family Zumba Class @ 8-9a (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad)

11: PACT ”Phonemic Awareness” @ 9-10a (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad)

12: Nutrition Class @ 1-2p (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad)

13: PACT “Back to School in a Pandemic- Tips for Parents” by Momentous Institute. @ 10-11a If you are interested in registering for these webinars, please call: Ruth Minotti at (972) 262-5353 or email:

16-20: Parent Involvement Week (See Flyer)

20: Last Day to RSVP to or 972.262.5353 for Cookies with Mom

17: Family Zumba Class @ 8-9a (Zoom meeting ID: 540 055 0221 Passcode: cubsquad)

23-27: Thanksgiving Break (no school)

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  • Please remember to send a note to school with your child excusing their absence upon his or her return to school.
  • Don't forget that 3 tardies equals 1 absence. The tardy bell rings at 8:10a!
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