The Coordinator Weekly

Rite-Hite Sales Coordinator "Progress" Report

Written this week by Jim Schweitzer

Week 11- Back At It!

After 2 weeks away, the Sales Coordinator team is back at Corporate. With only a couple weeks left in their training, they are running out of time to finish all of their meetings and demonstrations. Making it even tougher, half of their time was devoted to the Rite-Hite Products application team this week. The Coordinators spent time diving deep into applications from 8-12 on Tuesday through Friday. Although this is a large time commitment, it is an essential part of their training.

Even with this large amount of time committed elsewhere, the Coordinators still managed to knock out a hand full of sign-offs. Not stopping there, 3 more coordinators were able to take part in a Fly-In this week! They will have to work extremely hard, but the whole group is on track to finish all of there work on time.

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Sign-off Update

As you may know, the Sales Coordinators are responsible for getting "signed off" on 9 different product demonstrations/presentations. The list consists of the following:

SHR-5000 Demonstration

RHH-4000 Demonstration

Seals/Shelters/Zoneworks Demonstration

FasTrax Demonstration

Revolution Fan Demonstration

Dok-Guardian/GateKeeper Demonstration

In-Plant Barrier Systems Presentation

PMP Presentation

Territory Management Presentation

Here is where everyone stands to this point!

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Fundamental "Progress"

Time was also spent this week working on both individual and group requirements.

Thank you to the following individuals for their contributions this week (I'm sorry if I missed anyone):

Troy Bergum and Ken Bowman for providing the We are Dok-Lok training for the group as well as listening to a few Dok-Lok and Dock Leveler demonstrations.

Bob Jung, Don Anton and Paul Babel for spending half the week with the group furthering their knowledge on Rite-Hite Product applications.

Walt Swietlik for helping out with the applications training as well as allowing 3 Coordinators to participate in Fly-Ins.

Mary Blaser for listening to a number of different Enclosure demonstrations. Mary gave the class a huge compliment this week when she said she believes this is the best class of Coordinators she has seen so far!

And to the various members of the Rite-Hite Executive Team who spent time getting to know our participants and fostering their growth in the company.

Introducing The King Pin!

The King Pin Award

Each week, Sales Coordinators compete with each other to earn the coveted "King Pin" Award for outstanding achievement. In addition to a points earning system, votes are cast by participants and those interacting with the participants. The weekly winner will proudly sign their name to the award and keep it for the week.

At the end of The Program, the overall winner will get to keep the award forever and always!

Week 11 King Pin - Eric Osterhues

We have a repeat repeat winner!

Eric has taken the King Pin for the third time. It was well earned, as he had the highest weekly point total we have seen so far. The reason for this? FOUR sign-offs. Eric completed his territory management presentation, the Dok-Guardian/Gatekeeper demo, the Enclosures demo AND his Dok-Lok demonstration. Not only did he get four sign-offs, but they were all difficult ones.

Eric now only has 2 sign-offs left to complete and if we have learned anything about Eric, it won't take him long to finish those. One thing we know for sure... Pugleasa has a great new FSR in Eric!

"Progress" Report

Dream Team

Fred Stalle - Committed to be more "open."

Fred's focus and determination has really picked up. He arrived to work early and left late all week. He continued to chip away by knocking out another sign-off this week. He and his partner Billy worked together to cross Enclosures off their list. This was huge for Fred as he was able to bring his sign-off total to 5. His hard work did not go unnoticed, as he finished tied for the most King Pin votes from his peers. Fred has his whole next week planned out as well, so we can expect to see a few more crossed off his list soon!

Chris Cole - Committed to being more "happy."

The highlight of the week for Chris was that he was able to participate in a Fly-In. As we require each Coordinator to participate in a Fly-In during their time here, it was a big thing to check off of Chris' list. Chris was able to spend all of Thursday night with Stellar (Florida) as well as all day Friday. This was a great experience for Chris as sitting through a Fly-In is a great learning experience.

Brad Buchweitz - Committed to being more "positive."

Brad was another Coordinator who was lucky enough to take part in a Fly-In this week. This was extremely beneficial for Brad, as it was Applied Handling who actually brought in the customer. Brad got to spend Tuesday evening and Wednesday with some local customers while being able to see Walt demonstrate the products Brad has been learning about all summer. In addition to the Fly-In, Brad made significant progress on his leveler demonstration, and earned a sign-off on his Territory Management presentation.

Dan Roehm - Committed to being more "organized."

Unfortunately, Dan was sick for half the week. As expected, this really drained his production. However, the rest of the group informed me that he was still able to assist the group with product related questions they had via text. Now that is being a team player! We all look forward to seeing Dan back in the office next week.

J.R. Hartenstine - Committed to being more "attentive."

The Green Bay Packers are great, the Milwaukee Brewers are bad, and J.R. had a productive week. These are all things we expect. J.R. knocked out 2 more demonstrations this week (Enclosures, TMI) to bring his total to 7. With just 2 left to get, J.R. is ahead of the game. We can fully expect J.R. to be in the running for the overall Summer Sales Coordinator King pin award!

The Fab 5

Eddie Goetz - Committed to being more "in the moment."

Eddie had a very strong week. He calmly got signed off on barriers, enclosures and his territory management presentation. He was partnered with Allen for Enclosures and it is safe to say they knocked it out of the park. With the 3 sign-offs, he finished second in the race for the King Pin. Although he did not win it, that kind of effort does not go unnoticed. With only 3 sign-offs left to get, Eddie is well on his way to completing the Sales Coordinator Program!

Billy Coggins - Committed to being "more playful in the workplace."

Billy also got 3 sign-offs this week. However, what made Billy's week special was that he got signed off on the Dok-Lok. We all know this is no easy task, so completing it now was huge for Billy. Most people finish the Sales Coordinator program on time, but not many finish early and with just 2 left to go, Billy could easily make it happen. Billy continues to work hard and be a leader in the Summer Coordinator class of 2015.

Eric Osterhues - Committed to being more "self-motivated."

As stated above. It was another huge week for Eric. It's starting to sound like a broken record, but Eric continues to exceed expectations. Everyone notices it, including his peers, as Eric finished tied for the most votes for the King Pin.

Allen Scogin - Committed to being more "organized."

Coming off his King Pin week, Allen had to fight off an illness. While fighting through a bug, Allen did his best to remain productive. He did just that, as he was able to earn is Enclosures sign-off. And it wasn't just any sign-off.....

"The Best Coordinator Sign-off I have seen!"

-Mary Blaser

Jacob Hedlund - Committed to being more "generous."

Jacob was the third coordinator who got to spend time on a Fly-In. As an added bonus, he got to be part of a Fly-In that his old boss (Tony Simmons) was taking part in! Along with reconnecting, he got to see Walt in full demo mode. This was important to Jacob as he still has a number of demonstrations to get signed off on. As the Fly-In was mid week, Jacob spent time practicing his dock leveler demo before and after the Fly-In. Jacob has set his expectations high, as he plans to get 4 sign-offs next week!

What's Next?

The rush is on!

With just 2 weeks left, the Sales Coordinators will be scrambling to get everything done. This will obviously require a lot of work from them, but It will also require significant help from product specialists, RSVPs and execs.

Thank you in advance for any time you commit to helping the coordinator class!