Help Wanted: Dolphin Trainer

Dancing Dolphins needs YOU to apply today!

What is a dolphin trainer?

A dolphin trainer is someone who cares for dolphins. This includes feeding them, cleaning their enclosures, and making sure they are in good health condition. Dolphin trainers also teach dolphins tricks, or "behaviors" to perform in shows. These tricks are taught to educate and inform the public about marine life at different shows and events.

Here at Dancing Dolphins Aquarium, trainers must:

Working Conditions and Pay

Here at Dancing Dolphins Aquarium, all employees are treated with respect and kindness. Uniform includes a "Dancing Dolphin" wet suit, whistle, and swimming goggles, which will all be provided. As it is not unusual to get wet, trainers are also provided with complimentary towels, and use of the "saltwater rinse" station after shifts. Trainers here are paid $19,000/year, which increases with the years employed, the maximum being an increase to $40,000.