The Blue Marlin

The Most Prized Sport Fish

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The Blue Marlin belongs to Kingdom Amalia and is part of Phylum Cordata. They live in blue oceanic waters and are mostly found in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans, along with the Gulf of Mexico. Blue Marlin eat smaller fish from a range of six inch flying fish to fifty pound tuna and Dorado. They also eat a bait fish called ballyhoo and squid. They normally are alone. The only reason many of them would be together is because of feeding. If there is a big weed line with bait all over it then there could be many Blues on it but most of the time they are by themselves. They do not mate for life and when they feed they work together to keep the bait on the surface of the water if there is not sort of structure where the bait is all balled up. They do this because birds come in and they keep the bait fish in the water in order for the Marlin to eat them easily. Also the pointed sword they have is for fighting threats, and wounding prey. Blue Marlin move by swimming and reach speeds up to 50mph. The three predators the Blue has is the White Shark, Short Finned Mako Shark, and Humans. They protect themselves from these using their bills but humans are the biggest predators because of the great trophy the Blue makes if correct size. The Blue Marlin females get up to four times as large as the males. They range anywhere from 100 pounds as babies to 1,000 pounds as an adult. Some fun facts about the blue is that the largest ever caught weighed 1,803 pounds. Iv personally experienced catching 600 pounders and it is truly astonishing.