"We will commit our financial, educational, and personnel resources to equip all students with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop to their fullest potential as self-motivated, life-long learners."








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Sophomore Biology students are reviewing their basic chemistry and learning about the organic biomolecules important for life: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids (DNA).

Sophomore Biology students are also learning how to use Google Sheets to create data tables, to do calculations, and how to make graphs. The goal is for all students to be proficient with graphing data in Google Sheets by the end of 1st semester. An example of student work can be found below.

Survey of Life and Health Sciences

Students are learning the bones of the skull and facial bones, the basic parts and functions of the brain, and about how substance use and abuse affects the brain. Students are currently learning about dangers and effects of opioids including prescription opioids, heroin and fentanyl.

Environmental Science

Students have been learning about how fossil fuels are formed, refining and energy generation (coal, oil and gas) and new technologies to recover fossil fuels (hydraulic fracturing).

Upcoming topics will include energy generation using alternative renewable energy sources such as nuclear, solar, wind, and biodiesel.

They have also been learning about powering cars with different car technologies including gas and diesel ICE engines, hybrid cars, electric cars and hydrogen fuel cells. Students will

start working on a group project researching the Pros and Cons of the different car technologies.

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Creative Writing students have been peer reviewing the fairytales they wrote in class.



In World History students have been studying ancient civilizations and are making chariots to race.



Band and Choir are polishing up performance pieces for Hootin' an Hollarin'. Music Appreciation classes are learning the fundamentals of music theory as well as music literature. The 8th grade trimester class is using music technology to transcribe songs to a computer.



Introduction to Business students have been studying supply and demand and the American economy. For one review activity, students were are able to check their classmates understanding of the material through a small group "students as teachers" activity.
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"A" Team Overall Record 2-1

Conference Record 1-1

Gainesville 35 at Fordland 10

Gainesville 35 vs. Dora 8

Gainesville 29 at Sparta 43

"B" Team Overall Record 3-0

Conference Record 2-0

Gainesville 40 at Fordland 0

Gainesville 23 vs Dora 0 (2 quarters)

Gainesville 31 at Sparta 18

I am very proud of how we have started the season. The girls have been working hard in practice and it has shown come game time. I look forward to seeing the girls develop throughout the season and I hope that we will be playing our best basketball come conference tournament time in October.

Submitted by Coach West



The Junior High Boys Basketball team has started off the season strong. Both the A team and the B team are sitting at 2-1 so far. The A team has wins against Sparta and Dora with a loss to Fordland. The B team has wins against Fordland and Dora with a loss to Sparta. They will continue their season with a trip to Seymour on Monday 9/18 and will host Mansfield on Tuesday 9/19.

Submitted by Coach Chris Randolph



The Gainesville Cross Country teams competed at Alton High School and the results were excellent. The boys varsity placed 3rd as a team out of 13 schools. They were led by medalists Ryder Murphy (8th place), Lyle Pippin (19th) and Brady Myers (21st). Ryder Murphy set a new all-time GHS school record of 18 minutes and 17 seconds in the race. Congratulations Ryder!

The girls varsity were led by medalist Kaitlyn Kahl (5th) and Alyssa Smith (15th). In the Jr. High boys race, Aiden Thome finished in first place. The Jr. High Girls finished 1st as a team and were led by medalist Jessica Suit (3rd) and Annabelle Snelson (5th). There were many personal records set and it is evident that the hard work is paying off for these Bulldogs.

Congratulations to all of our runners on a job well done. No Grit. No Grind. No Greatness.

Submitted by Coach Gary Emerick

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Volleyball has been working hard this season. They will be playing at home Monday, Tuesday at Chadwick, and then Saturday in the Mansfield Tournament.



Baseball is currently 4-4. With wins specifically against Seymour and Sparta. We have a lot of new faces on the team this year, so we are learning a lot new styles of play.

Our team is currently led in pitching by Grant Leeker and Nathan Kiger. Grant is 2-0 with 16 strikeouts and 2.400 era. Nathan Kiger is 1-0 with 12 strikeouts. Hunter Luna and Grant Leeker are leading the team offensively. Hunter is batting .500 with 10 hits and has 9 RBIs. Grant is hitting .407 with 11 hits and has 6 RBIs.

We have 12 games left in the fall. Although it hasn’t been as fast of a start as we are used to, look to see this team continue to improve as the season progresses.

Submitted by Coach Blake Hobbs



The first archery practice of the year will be Thursday, September 21 from 6-8 pm in the new Multipurpose Building (formerly Real Life Church). There will be a parent meeting following the practice. For more information, email Coach Gary Emerick at
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The Gainesville FBLA Chapter kicked off the new year with an informational meeting. Over 100 GHS students attended the meeting to learn about the activities and community service opportunities planned for this year.

The chapter held a free outdoor movie night for all GHS students on Friday, September 16th. The officers served the attendees dinner and snacks during the game. Dues need to be paid to Mrs. Gilmore by Wednesday, October 20th.

Sunday, following Hootin' an Hollarin', the chapter will meet on the square at 8 am to help clean up the square after the festival.

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Don't miss the 3rd Annual Ozark County Bull Blast hosted by the Ozark county FFA chapters. GHS FFA would like to thank the local businesses that sponsored to this event for their support.

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1. This school year we are starting a new program called "Career Cafe Thursdays", a different community member comes in each Thursday for the last 15 minutes of high school lunch to highlight their profession and share information with students about their current career or past careers.

2. Interested seniors in CofO will have the opportunity to attend Bobcat Day at College of the Ozarks on September 20th accompanied by GHS high school staff and transported in our school van.

3. Juniors and Seniors will have the opportunity to attend the Ava High School College and Career Fair on September 26th and will be exposed to many job opportunities and trade jobs in the area. We currently have 44 students signed up to attend.

4. We have multiple college representatives visiting our campus within the next month to visit with students and answer questions about their programs. Additionally, multiple military recruiters will be on campus during lunchtime to answer students questions.

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An exploratory meeting about the possibility of starting a GHS fishing team was held on September 8. Over 40 students attended this meeting.

Mrs. Jeziorski held the meeting after several students approached her with the idea of starting a fishing team. After speaking with Randy Lawrence at Ava High School, Mrs. J. discovered the NYFA, The National Youth Fishing Association. (see Facebook page for more information)

Tournament competitions would be one weekend each in March, April and May of 2024. One tournament is on Bull Shoals, one on Lake of the Ozarks and one on Table Rock. Qualifiers from these three tournaments fish in the championship tournament in June on Lake Pomme de Terre.

Fishing is a MSHSAA Activity, not a sport. The biggest obstacle to forming and maintaining a team is finding adult captains to volunteer their time and their boat. All boat captains must pass a background check and provide proof of insurance. Students are not allowed to drive outboard motors. With a boating safety certificate, students can operate electric trolling motors.

At the meeting, students were given an information sheet and a deadline of September 28, 2023 to complete a form naming team members and a boat captain.


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Heart of the Ozarks Bluegrass Association Helps GES Kick-Off Hootin an Hollarin Week

Heart of the Ozarks Bluegrass Association (HOBA) members: Alan Strickland,Teddy Collins, Keith Turner, Colton Wood and Kelly Hinds helped GES kick-off Hootin an Hollarin festivities this year. On September 12 the five HOBA members presented a short Bluegrass concert for our elementary students. The HOBA members discussed Bluegrass music, talked about how their own journeys with music began and they talked about the instruments they were playing.

Our third through sixth grade students participated in hands-on, stringed instrument learning sessions with the HOBA members. During the learning sessions the students were allowed the chance to try out each of the stringed instruments highlighted by the HOBA members during the event: guitar, bass, banjo and mandolin. Our students loved the program!

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Kindergarten has had a great start to the school year! We have completed several name activities, learned about the alphabet, began reading, and we used our 5 senses to describe a coconut! Kindergarten has also been busy with getting to know one another and making our names in various ways! We have also started reading groups to learn about letters and sight words. Centers and dress up time seems to be the favorite part of the day. Recess is a close tie!

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First graders have been learning how to recognize and read color words. We completed several activities through the week with color words. We ended the unit reading the book 'Mouse Paint'. We acted the story out using different colored frosting and mixing primary colors to make secondary colors. When finished, we enjoyed a yummy treat and decorated a graham cracker with the colored frosting.



Second grade students have had fun learning in every subject!

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Third grade has jumped right into multiplication since the first week of school! Students had no complaints in building arrays and exploring the Distributive Property of Multiplication while using marshmallows. If a multiplication equation at first seems too big for us, we know we can break it into two parts in order to work with numbers in which we are more familiar.



Fourth grade is off to a great start! They have been learning all about the scientific process and how scientists use it. Students completed a Coin Lab that modeled the importance of variables. They have also completed investigations using Roly Polys and set up all of the parts of their experiments.



Fifth graders experimented with chemical changes using red cabbage juice as a pH indicator. They tested several different substances to determine whether they were an acid, alkaline (base) or neutral.



Students in 6th grade learned about light energy transforming into heat energy through the use of solar ovens. Students developed a plan and created their own solar ovens using recycled materials. They were then able to test their ovens by cooking s’mores!