Ancient Rome

By: Thomas Royal

Physical Geography

Natural Borders: There were Mountains to the North and

then ocean surrounding everywhere else which made it

harder for invaders to get the upper hand on Rome

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Patrician Opinion

The Plebeians want a change in government to the Patricians have to do it so the Plebeians don't cause a riot

Government official

Vote for Senator Evan. He wont be killed and will be the

best Senator there ever was he will be fair

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar has been murdered! He had to much power and named himself

emperor for life. After he was murdered it is causing a civil war.

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Pax Ramona Emperor interview

Interviewer: What was the saddest part of being emperor

Octavian: When Antony divorced my sister Octavia

Interviewer: What did u do after that

Octavian: Antony went and married Cleopatra and so i sent an Army after him

interviewer: What was the outcome of this attack?

Octavian: Antony and Cleopatra comitted sucicide

Major accomplishment

31 BC- Octavian defeats Antony and Cleopatra at Actium
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Building projects

In Rome we are building

  • roads
  • harbors
  • monuments
  • bridges
  • aqueducts
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Foreign destination

Egypt. Come see the great pyramids and all our structures and

different tombs of our past kings.

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CHristianity: Based around Jesus. we christians spread quickly with Jews and the Romans. We were banned because of potential threat and they started to kill us for not giving up our religion but what they had in mind had the opposite effect people started thinking man this is a good religion if people are willing to die for it, to many more people started join our religion

Barbarian tribe News

Tribes known as the Goths, Vandals, Anglo-Saxons, Franks, and Huns are invading Rome could this be the end of Rome?

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