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Ancient Egypt was a very cool but strange place it had a lot of rituals and beliefs,and many complex structures,as you probably know. It had little resources but yet it was still able to survive and kind of thrive. This article will tell you lots about how they built and what they built, where they were and what kind of materials they had. It will also tell you about they're geographically lucky. See you there.

Ancient Egyptian Archaeology

Ancient Egyptian Archaeology,By Ruairi Gallagher


Ancient Eygpt has many types of pottery and artifacts. They built a very big structure called the Sphinx which is a giant cat- like statue symbolizing courage,with the head of the king at the time.It was built as a guard for the Pharaohs tombs.

The Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta stone is a artifact that we can translate the Egyptian hieroglyphics with so that we can just read them. The Rosetta stone is one of the most prized artifacts on earth because now we are able to read the Egyptians stories and discover their life.

Hieroglyphics\stories of ancient times.

Hieroglyphics were the Ancient Egyptians ways of having stories that were basically the graphic novels we have today so the Ancient Egyptians were the authors of BCE.

King Tutankhamen

King Tutankhamen was one of Ancient Egypt mysteries you see it was very curious because King tuts tomb was opened but the grave robbers didn't take anything curious huh,we also don’t know how he got killed the most suspected ways were,he was murdered or he died from disease.

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Ancient Egyptian History,By Katelyn Mitchell

Ancient Egypt started about 7000 B.C people began to settle on the Nile Valley.

They farmed, domesticated animals, and built homes on the Nile. The Hyksos came from

Levant, they settled in Egypt near the end of the Middle Kingdom. The group Hyksos brought new goods with them, one of them was the Chorit. Ramesses ll one of the best military leaders, he ruled from 1213 B.C. to 1279 B.C., 60 years. Statues and temples were built in honor of Ramesses ll. The Old Kingdom lasted 500 year’s, the Old Kindom came to an end in 2200 B.C..

Ancient Egyption Anthropoligest

Ancient Egyptian Geography,By Daniel Gonzalez

Ancient Egypt was located in fertile valley of the Nile river. The ancient kingdom was located on the Nile on northeastern of Africa. Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, Sudan are also located in northeastern Africa today but they went there when the ancient kingdom was there.

The anent people of Egypt grow and harvest crops in many different ways. they dug the ground up with wooden hoe scatters seeds on the wet soil and waited to harvest them. they had grain, barley, vegetables and flax. they cut the grain with a sharp-toothed flint sickle. they also made beer with another kind of wheat.

It is on the modern city of Egypt near the Mediterranean sea.

It is on the lower reaches of the Nile river. The civilization collapsed around the year of 3150 BC. Egypt was larger back then. many people think it is part of the Sahara desert but its not.

The Nile river ran through the upper part of Egypt to the lower part of Egypt. it made it easier for them to trivial and grow crops. they could easy travel by boat to other villages and temples because there were near the Nile river. the farmers farmed near the Nile river so they could easily get some water for there crops.

The Nile river was there geography success. the reason is because the Nile provided water for their crops witch helped them a lot and not only that but the river also mad it easy for them to travel by boat. the Nile also goes through Egypt but not all of it. the river also passes villages and fields.

the ancient people of Egypt were lucky were they lived because they had a lot of resources and a large river. the Nile is probably why they are lucky. it is a large river that runs mostly thorough Africa. They farmed a lot of crops and the river provided water for them because most of Egypt was dry.

Jasmin Morales, Anthropoligist

The Ancient Egyptions used Gunloops for firing cannons at war.The Ancient Egyptions also used Murder Holes.Murder Holes were basiclly holes on briges so when intruders intruded people would drop hard materials like rocks and that would hurt the intruder. They also invented the Bagpress wich had grape juice in it ,to squize uot any leftover grape juice for wine.

One of the ways the Ancient Egyptions communicated with eachother was with Medunetjer.Medunetjer was a type of writing ,they used this writing for storys and numbers.But writing was also used for keeping records for people who traded goods and more.Soon the Ancient Egyptions started developing similer ways to write, but only men wrere the only ones who could learn how to write,thuogh some women knew how to write,but they used it very little.The Ancient Egyptions created this writing in 3100 BCE.

The Ancient Egyptions believed in many gods and goddesses ,some of the gods and goddesses were Ptah.Ptah was the creater of gods and the god of craftsmen.Sekhmet was Ptahs wife,Sekhmet was the goddess of war.Sekhmet and Ptah had a son,his name was Nerferten .Nerferten was the god of the Lotus flower. Khon was the god of the sun and moon ,he was also son of Mut and Amen.Mut was the daughter of the sun wich was RA, Mut was the goddess of mothers. Ra was also the king and creater of gods and goddesses. Pamagranets were eaten in feasts and funerals .The poor mostly ate fish while the wealthy ate all sorts of foods,they also believed that meat should have been part of their diets.One of the most important foods to the Ancient Egyptions was wheat and grains so they could make things like loafs of bread and cake.

One of the things that were special to the Ancient Egyptions was a small statue of a god.they were called Amulets,Amulets were also used for praying for,keeping evil demonds and spirits away from their families. They were also used for to,but they needed to pray to the sacific god or goddess they needed help form.Sometimes the Ancient Egyptions used the Amulets for decorating mummys too.amulets wre brightly painted . the top layer was gold.