Clinton Middle School Newsletter - August 27, 2021

Dear Wildcat Family,

As we enter our third week of school, things are picking up on our campus! Our students are in the swing of things. Our CAT period is reaching students where they are in their educational journey. Our volleyball and football teams are working hard and both begin competition this week!

Also starting soon is our Wildcat Academy! This is a great opportunity for every student to find something that connects to them, whether it be additional help in a subject they may be struggling with or participating in an after-school enrichment course that allows students to expand their academic horizons!

While we are looking forward to the next several weeks and the opportunities presented for our students, I want to thank our students, teachers, staff, and parents for a great start to the 2021-22 school year. I am excited to see the opportunities that will be presented for our students this year!

Jeff Parks


Introducing the CMS WILDCAT ACADEMY!

Once again, we are happy to offer the After School Wildcat Academy this year. The Wildcat Academy is an after school opportunity for students to participate in enrichment activities as well as academic support classes. All of the offerings are free for all students. Some classes are offered face to face and some are virtual. Wildcat Academy classes begin the week of September 13 and run through the end of the first semester. Please review the list of courses that will be offered and then click on the link to register for a class. The registration deadline is September 9. If you have questions, please contact Assistant Principal, Michael Randall, at or call (864) 938-1683.

Studio Art

Mondays, 3:30pm -4:15pm

Studio Art will be a face to face open studio format where students will generate artistic ideas, plan and research how they will to turn their ideas into art, and give and receive feedback with their peers.

Makers Space

Tuesdays, 3:30pm - 4:15pm

Imagine and build with electric motors, wood components, and hardware as each day is a new challenge like building a creature with spinning arms or a machine that launches wheels!

Diamond Art

Wednesdays, 3:30pm - 4:15pm

The Diamond Art class will meet face to face. It is a hobby where "diamond jewels" are placed artistically onto a pattern to look like a mosaic. It is a fun, creative activity that also helps with stress and focus. It is easy to do and students will produce a beautiful piece of art to hang on the wall or give as a gift!

Drum Corps

Wednesdays, 3:30pm - 4:30pm

The Drum Corps will be face to face. Students will learn cheers, cadences, and street beats using marching drums such as bass drums, tenor drums, snare drums and cymbals. We will perform at pep rallies, football games and the Winter Concert in December. We may also perform for a basketball game and for the Spring Concert in May. Prior experience is not necessary.

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is on a mission to close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a computer programmer looks like and does. This after school club is for all students (girls and boys) to explore coding in a fun & friendly environment. No experience with coding required and beginners are welcome!

Ultimate Board Games

Wednesdays, 3:30pm -4:15pm

The Board Game Club will be an in-person after school community where students will gather together to play different modern board and card games. Some examples include Carcassone, Ticket to Ride, Sushi Go Party, Yahtzee, The Resistance, and Codenames. This is a great way to learn something new while having fun!

Cooking Up Science!

Thursday 3:30pm - 4:15pm

Join us face to face weekly for some fun in the kitchen. In this class, we will prepare a variety of easy, budget-friendly recipes while learning about nutrition, food safety, and etiquette. Weekly lessons will also include a "pinch" of science.

Gospel Choir

Mondays and Thursdays, 4:00pm

The gospel choir will be a group of students that are able to sing and use their musical talents (piano/drums). The group will possibly perform in front of their family, peers and other locations during the semester. No prior singing experience is necessary and all are welcome.

Tech Lab

Thursdays, 3:30pm - 4:15pm

The Tech Lab is a face to face time for students to come after school to work on coding, design, electronics, or similar projects. Students will work together and collaborate on projects that interest them. They will have access to 3D printing, computers, chromebooks, as well as many other resources. There will also be a virtual option during the same time.

One-to-One Academic Support

Offered Monday - Friday (Times will vary)

Does your child need or want additional academic support in one or more class? If so, these sessions will be very helpful. Students pick the subject(s), the day(s), and the time(s) and we will match them up with a tutor that can support their learning. Tutoring sessions can be done virtually or face to face.

Please click on the link to sign up for the Wildcat Academy.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, August 28 - Volleyball Tournament, Spartanburg, 9:00am

Monday, August 30 - Student Athlete Study Hall

Tuesday, August 31 - Student Athlete Study Hall

Monday, September 1- Student Athlete Study Hall

Wednesday, September 1 - Volleyball Game @ Brewer Middle School, 5:00pm

Wednesday, September 1 - Football Jamboree, Wilder Field, 5:00pm

Tuesday, September 2 - Student Athlete Study Hall

Wednesday, September 8 - Volleyball Game @ Edgewood Middle School, 5:00pm

Thursday, September 9 - Football Game v. Wright Middle School, 5:00pm

Tuesday, September 14 - Open House, 5:30pm - 7:00pm

School Improvement Council

We still need additional members for our School Improvement Council. If you are interested in serving on the School Improvement Council as a parent or guardian of a Clinton Middle School student, please contact Assistant Principal, Ami Vaughn at

Sports Spotlight

The Student Athlete Study Hall started on Monday, August 23. The Study Hall is required for all athletes participating in CMS football, volleyball, and cheerleading. Football players attend the study hall on Mondays and Wednesdays. Volleyball players and cheerleaders attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students will be supervised and assisted by proctors who will help them with schoolwork and homework during the study hall. If a student has no assigned work, they are expected to be actively engaged in an academic focus such as reading, writing, Delta Math, USA Test Prep, or some other approved activity.

Clinton Middle School believes that participation in extracurricular opportunities, such as athletics, is an important part of the academic, social, and emotional development of our scholar-athletes. At the same time, athletic opportunities are a privilege for students and with that privilege, there is an expectation that our scholar-athletes meet a standard in both academics and behavior.

Clinton Middle School scholar-athletes and their parents need to be aware that:

  • Each athletics team participates in a mandatory study hall on certain days before practice. Attendance at study hall is expected for each scholar-athlete.

  • Our staff conducts weekly grade checks for scholar-athletes on Friday afternoons. Any student who has a grade that is failing in any class will be ineligible for competition the following week.

  • Any scholar-athlete who is assigned ISS will miss one contest.

  • Any scholar-athlete who is assigned OSS will miss a minimum of two contests.

  • Any combination of two ISS or OSS assignments will result in a scholar-athlete being dismissed from their athletic team.

  • The use of or possession of vaping devices, alcohol, or drugs while on campus will result in an immediate dismissal from the team.

If you are a parent/guardian of a student athlete and did not attend the sports meeting on Thursday, August 19, your child will not be eligible to participate in any sports games until you have signed and returned the Scholar Athlete Contract. Click on the link to access the document.

8th Grade Activities

This year we are excited to offer 8th Grade Activities for students who successfully complete middle school in May. The events include a Promotion Ceremony (8th Grade Graduation), a Promotion Cookout, a Promotion Party/Dance, and an 8th Grade trip to Carowinds. At this point, all 8th graders are eligible to participate in all of these events, however they must maintain their eligibility by upholding behavior and academic standards that we outlined with all 8th graders yesterday. When 8th grade students violate our expectations, they are assigned points and as they earn points, they lose the privilege of participating in activities. Throughout the course of the year, students will accumulate points for disciplinary infractions. The consequences for accumulating points are outlined below:

  • 20 points = Cannot go on the trip to Carowinds

  • 25 points = Cannot go on the trip to Carowinds or attend the 8th Grade Party/Dance

  • 30 points = Cannot go to Carowinds, or attend the Party/Dance and Cookout

  • 35 points = Cannot attend any of the activities including the Promotion Ceremony

Please note the number of points student will receive for certain infractions:

  • Fighting = 10 points

  • Vaping or possession of vaping paraphernalia = 10 points

  • ISS or OSS = same points as the number of days

  • All other infractions are at the discretion of the Administrators

  • Any failing grade in any class on a report card = 5 points for each class

Hopefully, all of our students will be able to participate in all of these exciting events as we look forward to a successful year!

Student Handbook

Our Student Handbook is posted on our website. We have reviewed the handbook with students this week so that they are aware of our policies and expectations. Please click on the link to read the Student Handbook and review it with your child.

Hydration Stations

Hydration Stations have been installed at CMS to provide chilled water to the students. There is one upstairs and one downstairs. Students are offered one bottle of water during lunch and they are encouraged to save them to refill throughout the day. Students can also bring their own reusable water bottles from home.