Treasure Hunting

Jake Nilsson and John Bielecki

Cross-Abbott Company

The Cross-Abbott Grocery was a two-story wood-frame commercial building. The Cross-Abbott Company was established by Charles A. Cross and Charles C. Abbott. The Cross-Abbott Company used the railroad to send and receive supplies that they would wholesale. In 1948, the Red & White Corporation was interested in acquiring the Cross-Abbott Company, and both companies merged. They moved to their new warehouse outside Hartford in 1957 in order to expand into a bigger company, which included a 70,000 cubic foot freezer locker.

Cross Abbott Warehouse

Both the Cross-Abbott buildings are located in the same building but have two different functions. The warehouse and grocery were both built in 1895. After the new warehouse was built, the original Cross-Abbott warehouse was sold to the White River Paper Company. The White River Paper Company then moved out of the Cross-Abbott warehouse in 1986 to a custom built warehouse along Route 14.

Vermont Salvage

The Vermont Salvage is a building that contains several interesting artifacts and several pieces of the towns history. Some things it includes are old doors from schools, old glass panes from churches, and cabinets from homes. In 1990, the Vermont Salvage was moved to a 30,000 square foot warehouse.