Pounamu Newsletter

22.2.22 - Week 4

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Beginning Hybrid Learning

Kia ora e te whānau,

I hope this letter finds everyone well. Its been a busy time preparing hybrid learning but we have had a successful few days so far.

Your child would have brought home two books they can use if they need to isolate at home and are not feeling too ill to do school activities. One book is for writing stories. The other is a scrap book for anything else.

There is a log in code for google classroom in the scrapbook. If you use it to login you will have access to online lessons. These lessons are being run at school as well. They are not additional to school work so not 'home work' to be done after school but are for if children cant come to school. Of course if they want to they can access them anytime once they are up! Please feel free to seesaw us to show us what you have been up to! We look forward to it!

Let us know if you need help. I

Team Pounamu

Glorious junk!

Thanks for the great boxes, and all sorts of bits and pieces that people have been sending in. It is lovely to have so many different things to use in creations!

At the moment some of the maths classes are making seesaws as part of learning about mass and weight so tubes and containers have been very handy.

Staying home if sick

Remember it is important that children stay home if they are ill. I know it is difficult to know if they just have a cold or something more serious but at the moment it is important that we keep ourselves as safe as we can.

We are using hand sanitiser every day and reminding the children to wash hands before eating. With the good weather this week we have been able to get together outside and have assembly and fitness. We are only able to do singing outside so have been learning some sign language songs and humming along to them!

RED Traffic Light Setting.

Here are a few reminders to about coming to school in the RED traffic Light setting. We are looking forward to seeing our lovely tamariki!

  • We ask parents to say goodbye to children at the gate. Teachers will be at the gate to welcome students. No entry before 8:30am and please use the main Beazley Road entrance, as the shared kindy pathway is closed for the time being.
  • Other arrangements are available in limited circumstances, please contact your child's teacher for more information - eg new enrolments.
  • Bring a water bottle every day. Drinking fountains are open but everyone is encouraged to drink from their own bottle.
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Team Pounamu are:

R2 - Michael Heyes michael@paparangi.school.nz

R3 - Sam Diggins sam@paparangi.school.nz

R4 - Wendy Blue wendy@paparangi.school.nz

R5 - Amanda Newbery amanda@paparangi.school.nz (Assistant Principal)

R5 - Carolyn Collis (Part time teacher)

We are also supported by our hardworking teacher aides. They are Meerza, Tanya, Angela, Caroline, and Selu.