making a difference

Finish Hard

PDAS summative conferences must all be completed by Tuesday, May 10. Please stop by your appraisers office and set up a time for your visit. A few things we will be reflecting upon in our time together....

  • Your contributions to your team/campus this year
  • The one thing that helped you grow the most this year
  • One thing you would like to see implemented at Rann next year

A few upcoming events....

DRA EOY window Kinder - 5th grade May 2-20th (3rd - 5th you may want to test after STAAR)

Star Early Lit window Kinder - 2nd May 16-20

Star Math window Kinder - 5th grade May 16-20

End of year Assembly during your rotation June 2nd, parties afterwards or immediately before

Last day school 1:00 release June 2

Teacher Workday June 3

Podcast Episode #143 Being Brilliant at a Moments Notice by Todd Henry

At the EntreLeadership website you will find a podcast link to the episode #143 that is very good. Download the Podcast app to your phone, iPad, or device of your choice. Then subscribe to the EntreLeadership podcast and select the above episode. You will come away with many refreshing ideas to support you as a leader. I listen to many podcast in the mornings while getting ready for school or when I go for a walk. This is probably one of my most favorite ways to grow as a professional. There are podcast on any thing you want to learn about. I highly encourage you to do this. Let me know if you need help. It is free and of no cost to you. Once you have listened and know what the acronym FRESH stands for come and see me for a special little treat!

Stay Tuned for a Rip Roaring End of Year at Rann!