Themes Throughout History

By: Carly Nelson

How Hair has Shaped America

Hair styles have been a way of showing individualism and creativity through your own self. Unfortunately hair style choices haven't always been; wear it how you want, women have had to fight to receive equal rights. Women have always been considered as respectable, put together young ladies, but now that times have changed, women can wear there hair how they please without getting seriously judged by society.


Hairstyles in the 1950’s were both conservative and daring. The time period was post WW2. Americans were feeling secure and comfortable which is the style of the poodle cut. Women entered the work force during the war and when the war ended, women became more socially daring. The style for the daring was related to Marilyn Monroe and Sandy of Grease. Teenage girls typically wore pony tails that could be dressed up with a ribbon or scarf.


The 1960s hairstyles were influenced by music, the movie stars and the First Lady.

Jackie Kennedy set many fashion trends and hairstyles for the conservative groups She wore her hair shoulder-length with a flip. Many times she wore a pill box hat to finish off the look of confidence.

The younger generation didn’t want the conservative look but still wanted control. Teenage girls wore the bouffant hairstyle where the hair was high on their head but controlled with hairspray.

During this time people were protesting the Vietnam War and it was the time of the Woman’s Liberation Movement.


The seventies hairstyles had a lot of variations. television became an obsession for Americans and the population wanted the same hairstyles. The hippies of this generations were free thinkers and didn’t want to be bothered with their hair so they went with the long straight hair, parted-down- the middle with out bangs. Sometimes varied with headbands.


Women in the eighties would have huge teased hair. Women would blow dry, fluff, and crimp their hair. They would create big bangs, mohawks, and the 80s workout ponytail. Famous women in the 80s would be Jane Fonda, Jodie Foster, and Madonna.