By: Valerie Still


Annual Salary: 16,470
Net Salary: 977.63
Research: Bakers mix and bake ingredients according to recipes, they have many jobs like measuring, setting temperatures, shaping dough, and many other things. There are two different types of Bakers: commercial and retail. Most bakers work in bakeries, grocery stores, and restaurants. The environment is hot and noisy. Most bakers work full time where 28% work part-time. Have a high chance at illness. No formal education is really required. You need to know how to operate a business, handle food and combine ingredients. Some important qualities are Arithmetic, Communication, Stamina, and Detail Oriented.


Total Cost: $106,900
Monthly Payment: $239.50/ month
Details: The house has two bedrooms and one decent size bathroom. Has a big open kitchen and a normal size living room. Has a lot of space (inside and out) and one garage. I share this CHEAP and WONDERFUL house with Maria Young.

My Car

Total Cost: $995
Monthly Payment: $29
Details: My car has a radio/ stereo. The car is four doors, and is black. Has cloth seating, with a center console for storage.