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We have a special offer for you!

From now until January 15, 2013 you have the opportunity to have your dues fully credited!

After January 15 you will still receive a partial credit but why not apply now and receive the full benefit?

Here’s how to receive your credit: Allow us to give to do the research to find you a better value on your health and dental insurance than you currently have. Once your health and dental policy has been established for at least 6 months, you will have earned your credit, essentially making your dues zero dollars for 2013.

With health insurance having become even more difficult (due to Health Care Reform) to understand and soon-to-be even more expensive than it is now for some people, we are here to offer you some relief by finding you the best value year after year.

We’ve taken on the burdening task of doing the research among all of the companies and the thousands of health insurance plans that are available. Now you don’t have to spend your valuable time trying to find the best value and the right plan for you. We also offer updates on news in the health insurance industry and how it will affect people who are responsible for their own health insurance.

For instance, let’s use a 50 year old single person as an example. In 2014 Health Care Reform will offer Federal subsidy to assist people with their health insurance premiums. An individual person who earns more than approximately $45,000 which is 400% > of federal poverty level annually, will receive no subsidy at all & their health insurance premium with the Federal health plan will be approximately $600/month.

We’ve found similar coverage for the same 50-year-old, for as low as $170-$495/month depending on where you reside. We only recommend “A-rated” companies who are financially very strong and plans that allow you to go to your current physician or any physician you choose.

Please visit our website by clicking on the link in the next paragraph below to see the Health Care Reform Subsidy Chart, to see how much you will pay if you decide to place your health insurance through the Federal Health Care Reform plan. In the chart you will see percentages and their corresponding annual income levels according to FPL (Federal Poverty Levels). Simply look at where your age and income intersect to see how much your health insurance premium will be.

Please visit our website for a free no-obligation quote: American Health and Finance Here you can click on the Health History Questionnaire to receive a Health quote and also apply for the insurance once you are ready.

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American Health and Finance