Memorial Day Lights

We honor those who served and died for our country

The Memorial Day Observance

The three day weekend is the beginning of summertime for many families and communities. I am encouraging everyone to keep the families of veterans who have served our country with the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe and strong. Our Merton community as well as many around our area celebrate and honor the veterans with a parade.
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Celebration Day is Friday, June 1!

This coming Friday, June 1st, we will be holding our annual Celebration Day! It is a terrific day for all of the school communities to rally around the district's successful year. The events will begin with the torch delivery and the speeches by our fourth grade students. Our phy.ed. teachers will be coordinating the event with plenty of volunteers to help with the logistics of the day.

Celebration Day Community Food Drive

Celebration Day Community Food Drive

Celebration Day represents a day to celebrate teamwork and working as a community.

Merton PTO would like to extend that sense of community and host a food drive.

Please consider donating non-perishable food items and household goods from Tuesday May 29th to Friday June 1st. Collection boxes will be in the lobby at each school.

All donations will stay within our local community and support those in need. Thank you for your generosity!

Mike Budisch, head learner

Here is the rendering of the new playground which is made possible by our incredibly supportive PTO and our resourceful school board. The Playground Renovation Committee did a terrific job of studying playgrounds and their functions for ALL children. The installation will occur this summer and be ready for the children upon their return for classes. We are so grateful to the PTO, our School Board, and all of you for your amazing support for oour schools.